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HRC Hip-Ridge Face-Mount Connector

Misc. Connectors for Engineered Wood

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HRC is a field slopeable connector that attaches hip roof beams to the end of a ridge beam. The HRC may be sloped downward a maximum of 45°.


  • 16 gauge


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • On end of ridge — use optional diamond holes to secure the HRC. Bend face flanges back flush with ridge, and complete nailing.
  • On face of ridge — adjust to correct height and install nails.
  • Double bevel-cut hip members to achieve full bearing capacity.
  • The HRC may be sloped to 45° with no reduction in loads.

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Load Tables

HRC Allowable Loads
  1. Allowable loads shown are for each hip. Total load carried by the connector is double this number.
  2. Uplift loads have been increased for earthquake or wind loading with no further increase allowed. Reduce where other loads govern.
  3. Roof loads are 125% of floor loads unless limited by other criteria. Floor loads may be adjusted for load durations according to the code provided they do not exceed those in the roof column.
  4. Fasteners: Nail dimensions in the table are listed diameter by length. For additional information, see Fastener Types and Sizes Specified for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors.

Code Reports & Compliance