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MTLD™ Mass Timber Lifting Device

The MTLD mass timber lifting device provides a fast and efficient method for erecting panels and beams. It quickly attaches to and detaches from a single screw anchored into the mass timber element, saving time during the rigging process.

Key Features

  • Fast attachment and detachment
  • Attaches with a single screw
  • Load rated with multiple screw options
  • Screw installed with or without milled pocket
  • OSHA Section 1926.753(e)(2) compliant


  • Steel


  • Galvanized


  • See Lifting Device Design Guide TEB-C-LIFTING for warnings, installation instructions and information on rigging design considerations, loads, capacities, and maintenance of the MTLD.

  • Do not use the MTLD until you have read all warnings, disclaimers, instructions and information on this page and in technical bulletins TEB-C-LIFTING and T-MT-MTLDUSE.

  • A qualified design professional must specify screw (options include Strong-Drive® SDCF27400, SDCF27614, and SDHR31614). Screws may be installed with either drill motors or impact driver tools in accordance with L-F-MTINSTALL.

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Description Packaging Qty.
MTLD Mass Timber Lifting Device (Single Device) 1
MTLD-R2 Mass Timber Lifting Device (2-Pack) 2

Load Table

Allowable Loads

Model No. Qty. and Type of Screw Minimum Wood Member Thickness (in.) Allowable Tension Load, F2 (lbf)
θ = 90° θ = 60°
MTLD (1) 0.390" x 4" SDCF 4.00 610 550
(1) 0.390" x 6 1/4" SDCF 6.25 1,090 1,040
(1) 0.470" x 6 1/4" SDHR 6.25 1,090 980
  1. For additional information, see Lifting Device Design Guide (TEB-C-LIFTING).
  2. Allowable loads have a factor of safety of 5 and meet the requirements of OSHA saftey standards for hoisting and rigging section 1926.753(e)(2).
  3. Screws are only permitted to be used for a single lift and shall not be used for structural applications thereafter.
  4. Allowable loads are valid for a screw installed at 90° into the face-grain of the CLT panel or glulam.
  5. Allowable loads apply to wood with a specific gravity of 0.42 or greater.
  6. For conditions where the moisture content of the wood is greater than 19%, adjust load values by the factor, CM = 0.70
  7. Allowable loads act in the direction of the sling angle (θ), i.e., the angle between the horizontal plane (wood surface) and the sling leg. Additional calculation is required to determine the allowable weight of the element to be lifted (See TEB-C-LIFTING).
  8. Tabulated values are not valid if θ < 60°. Linear interpolation is allowed for 60° < θ < 90°.
  9. A qualified design professional must specify one of the following screws:
    0.390 x 4" SDCF = Model SDCF27400;
    0.390" x 6 1/4" SDCF = Model SDCF27614;
    0.470" x 6 1/4" SDHR = Model SDHR31614.
  10. All rigging components and spreader bars that are used in conjunction with the MTLD shall be of sufficient strength and stiffness to carry the required load.

WARNING: Before using the lifting device, consult a qualified design professional and ensure that you have read and understood all instructions and safety guidelines, including the information published on this page and any information provided with the lifting device and its related accessories or equipment. Failure to follow such instructions or the applicable OSHA provisions can lead to property damage, bodily injury and death.

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