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MTW45-8 Mass Timber Angled Washer

Inclined screws greatly increase the strength and stiffness of mass timber connections. The Simpson Strong-Tie® MTW45-8 is designed for use with a wide variety of connection plates and 8 mm-diameter Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® SDCF Timber-CF screws driven at a 45º angle.

Key Features

  • Recessed hole provides a clean finish with the SDCF countersunk head
  • Guides screw to an accurate 45º angle
  • High capacity reduces number of screws required in a connection
  • Material: ASTM A27, Grade 70–40
  • Finish: Galvanized


  • Use all specified MTW45-8 washers and Strong-Drive SDCF Timber-CF screws.
  • Allowable connector plate thickness is 10 gauge (0.134”) minimum and 1/2" maximum, with minimum specified tensile properties of Fy=33ksi and Fu = 45 ksi.
  • Fabricate plates with obround holes as given in the installation images. If plates are galvanized after holes are punched, oversize holes to account for galvanized thickness.
  • Insert MTW45-8 into obround holes and drive Strong-Drive SDCF Timber-CF screws at a 45º angle in the direction specified by the designer. Countersunk screw heads shall be fully seated into MTW45-8 screw hole.

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