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LCB Column Base


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Non-Standoff Column Bases

This product's information may differ depending on the category of use. You are currently viewing details related to Non-Standoff Column Bases. You can also view product information related to the category: Concrete Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Construction

This product has been discontinued. See the CB Column Base as a replacement.

The LCB column base helps connect posts to the concrete, with sizes available for 4x4, 4x6 and 6x6 solid sawn posts. The bottom of its base plate is designed to be flush with the concrete.


  • Strap — 12 ga. (97 mil) x 2; base — 16 ga. (54 mil)


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • For full loads, minimum side cover required is 2" for LCB
  • Install all models with bottom of base plate flush with concrete
  • Post bases do not provide adequate resistance to prevent members from rotating about the base and therefore are not recommended for non-top-supported installations (such as fences or unbraced carports)


  • LCB is available in rough sizes. Consult Simpson Strong-Tie for bolt sizes and allowable loads.

Related Literature

Load Tables

  1. Loads may not be increaed for short-term loading.
  2. Concrete shall have a minimum compressive strength, f'c = 2500 psi.
  3. LCB products may be installed with either bolts or nails (not both) to achieve table loads.
  4. Multiply Seismic and Wind ASD load values by 1.4 or 1.6 respectively to obtain LRFD capacities.
  5. In accordance with IBC Section 1613.1, detached one- and two-family dwellings in Seismic Design Category (SDC) C may use “Wind and SDC A&B” allowable loads.
  6. Downloads shall be based on either the wood post design or concrete design calculated per code. See Post Capacities for common post allowable loads.
  7. Designer is responsible for concrete design. Minimum foundation dimensions are for anchorage only.
  8. Loads must not be increased by short-term loading.
  9. NAILS: 16d = 0.162" dia. x 3 1/2" long. See other nail sizes and information.

Code Reports & Compliance