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Powder-Actuated Tool Repair and Maintenance Kits 

Product Information Tables

Powder-Actuated Tool Repair and Maintenance Kits
Tool Kit Model No. Description Contents
PT-27 PT-27PK1 Normal wear part replacement kit 5 Shear Clips (Part No. PT-301011)
1 Annular Spring (Part No. PT-301014)
1 Piston Stop (Part No. PT-301012)
3 Ball Bearings (Part No. PT-301013)
1 Piston (Part No. PT-301903)
2 Piston Rings (Part No. PT-301208)
1 Nosepiece (Part No. PT-301010)
All PT-MK1 Tool cleaning kit 1 Cleaning Brush - Wire (Part No. BRUSH 125)
1 Cleaning Brush 3/4" Diameter (Part No. BRUSH 25)
1 Cleaning Brush 1/4" Diameter (Part No. BRUSH 75)
1 PAT Tool Lubricant – 4 oz. spray bottle (Part No. PT-MTL4.0)
All PT-MTL2.0 Tool lubricant 2 oz. spray bottle