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PHD Hammer Drive Fastener


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The PHD pin is a 1/4" headed fastener with a 3/8" dia. metal washer for use with the Simpson Strong-Tie® PHT-38 and other hammer-drive tools. Suitable for narrow drywall channel or for low-volume attachment of steel and wood to concrete and masonry.

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Length (in.) Head Diameter (in.) Compatible Tools Pack Qty. Carton Qty.
PHD-100 1 1/4 PHT-38 100 1000
PHD-125 1 1/4 1/4 PHT-38 100 1000
PHD-75 3/4 1/4 PHT-38 100 1000

Product Information Tables

1/4"-Headed Hammer Drive Fastener with 3/8" Metal Washer
Length (in.) Model No. Pack Qty. Carton Qty. Compatible Tools
Simpson Strong-Tie Others
3/4 PHD-75 100 1,000 PHT-38 HT-38, R-260, R-375, XL-143 and other hammer drive tools
1 PHD-100 100 1,000
1 1/4 PHD-125 100 1,000