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Carbide Drill Bits: General Information

Technical and Installation Notes

Drill Bit Matrix

Shank Types





(design disables rotohammer rotation)

3/4" Hex

Drill Bits

Solid-Tip Carbide Drill Bit

Quad Head

Standard Two-Cutter Head

Rebar / Plate Cutters

Plate Cutter Detail

Rebar Cutter Detail

Demolition Chisels


Flat Chisel

Bull Point Chisel

Asphalt Cutter

Bushing Tool Head

Ground Rod Driver

Clay Spade


Core Bits

One-Piece Core Bit

DXS Drill Bits for Concrete and Masonry

At the heart of the Speed Clean™ DXS system is a proprietary Bosch® bit design that allows dust and debris to be removed through the hollow center of the bit during drilling. When used with a suitable rotary hammer and HEPA vacuum, the system removes dust from the hole at the moment it is created.

Minimum vacuum airflow: 129 cfm with auto-filter cleaner

Maximum hammer no-load RPM: 760


Through collaborative efforts such as the Speed Clean DXS dust extraction system, Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie are committed to optimizing every step of the installation process to save time on the jobsite and ensure the performance of the anchor. Our goal as technology leaders in our industries is to combine our talents and decades of experience to provide choices that help projects come in on time and under budget.

Speed CleanTM DXS Dust Extraction Drill Bits Code Tested with AT-XP®, SET-XP® and SET-3GTM Adhesives


Speed Clean DXS Dust Extraction Adapters