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Warning and General Notes for Anchoring Systems

Technical and Installation Notes

General Notes

These general notes are provided to ensure proper installation of Simpson Strong‑Tie Company Inc. products and must be followed fully.

  1. Simpson Strong‑Tie Company Inc. reserves the right to change specifications, designs, and models without notice or liability for such changes. Please refer to strongtie.com for the latest product updates, availability and load tables.
  2. Unless otherwise noted, dimensions are in inches and loads are in pounds.
  3. Do not overload, which will jeopardize the anchorage. Service loads shall not exceed published allowable loads. Factored loads shall not exceed design strengths calculated in accordance with published design data.
  4. Some hardened fasteners may experience premature failure if exposed to moisture. These fasteners are recommended to be used in dry interior applications.
  5. Do not weld products listed in this catalog. Some steel types have poor weldability and a tendency to crack when welded.


Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. anchors, fasteners and structural connectors are designed and tested to provide specified design loads. To obtain optimal performance from Simpson Strong-Tie products and to achieve maximum design load, the products must be properly installed and used in accordance with the installation instructions and design limits provided by Simpson Strong-Tie. To ensure proper installation and use, designers and installers must carefully read the General Notes, General Instructions to the Installer and General Instructions to the Designer contained in this catalog, as well as consult the applicable catalog pages for specific product installation instructions and notes. Please always consult the Simpson Strong-Tie website at strongtie.com for updates regarding all Simpson Strong-Tie products.

Proper product installation requires careful attention to all notes and instructions, including the following basic rules:

  1. Be familiar with the application and correct use of theanchor, connector or fastener.
  2. Follow all installation instructions provided in thecatalog, website, Product Guide (S-A-PG) or any other Simpson Strong-Tie publication.
  3. Follow all product-related warnings provided in the catalog, website or any other Simpson Strong-Tie publication.
  4. Install anchors, structural connectors and fasteners in accordance with their intended use.
  5. Install all anchors, structural connectors and fasteners per installation instructions provided by Simpson Strong-Tie.
  6. When using power tools to install fasteners: (a) use proper fastener type for direct fastening tool; (b) use proper powder or gas loads; and (c) follow appropriate safety precautions as outlined in this catalog, on the website or in the tool Operator’s Manual.

In addition to following the basic rules provided above as well as all notes, warnings and instructions provided in the catalog, installers, designers, engineers and consumers should consult the Simpson Strong-Tie website at strongtie.com to obtain additional design and installation information, including:

Failure to fully follow all of the notes and instructions provided by Simpson Strong-Tie may result in improper installation of products. Improperly installed products may not perform to the specifications set forth in this catalog and may reduce a structure’s ability to resist the movement, stress and loading that occur from gravity loads as well as impact events such as earthquakes and high-velocity winds.

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. does not guarantee the performance or safety of products that are modified, improperly installed or not used in accordance with the design and load limits set forth in this catalog.