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Innovative Solutions for Curtain-Wall Framing

Technical & Installation Notes

Simpson Strong-Tie has developed a line of connectors for use with curtain-wall steel stud framing. Curtain-wall projects require a variety of connectors that provide a load path from the curtain wall to the primary structure for wind loads, seismic loads and dead loads. Slide-clip connectors enable the structural building frame to deflect independently of the curtain-wall system. Fixed-clip connectors support the dead load of a curtain wall from the structural frame. Fixed clips have the added benefit of providing connector solutions for load-bearing walls and for roof systems utilizing steel trusses and rafters.

Our connectors for curtain-wall construction accommodate many different bypass framing applications in a variety of stand-off conditions. We also offer connectors for head-ofwall and strut applications.

Tailored To Your Design

Our standard slide clips accommodate either 3/4" or 1" of both upward and downward movement, equivalent to an L/360 live-load deflection for a 30' span. Our standard clips also accommodate stand-offs as large as 12 1/4". For deflections greater than 1", or stand-offs greater than 12 1/4", Simpson Strong-Tie can provide custom clips to suit most framing needs.

Complete, Tested Solutions

Designers of curtain walls will often know the capacity of a connector, but since the capacity does not take into account the way in which the connector is anchored to the supporting structure, the Designer must then manually calculate this important aspect of the connection design. These calculations are complicated by considerations of eccentric and prying forces that often exist but are difficult to predict. Through comprehensive testing Simpson Strong-Tie provides total, code-listed connector solutions. Our testing extends from the capacity of the connector and its attachment to the framing, to the anchorage of the connector to the primary structure. By providing complete data on the entire connection system, we save the Designer time and ensure that all forces, including eccentric and prying forces, are adequately considered.

As with all Simpson Strong-Tie® products, our slide-clip and fixed-clip connectors for curtain-wall steel stud framing carry our promise of quality and performance, and are backed by prompt, knowledgeable service.