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Post-Tension Information

Technical & Installation Notes

See information below.



Detail 1

Post-Tension Cable Placement in a Garage Footing
When installed on a raised curb, use stemwall installation and loads (see PAB and S/HDU) (rebar required)

Detail 2

Post-Tension Cable Placement Corner Installation (no rebar required)
Top View of Post-Tension Cable Placement

Load Table

posttension loadtable
  1. Minimum concrete strength is 2500 psi.
  2. Post-tension steel is minimum 1/2" diameter, 7-wire, low-relaxation strand in accordance with ASTM A416, Grade 270 ksi, with a guaranteed ultimate strength of 41.3 k.
  3. Anchorage is monostrand-type anchor system with current ICC approval using a ductile iron casting of at least 2.25" x 4.5" of bearing and reusable pocket formers on all stressing ends.
  4. It is the designer's responsibility to provide reinforcement to tie cold-joints and to resist bending stresses in the foundation due to anchor uplift.
  5. For S/HPAHD attaching to 33 mil (20 ga) CFS, the allowable load is 4420 lbs.