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Special Order: Custom Clips and Connectors

Custom Order Example
Custom Order Example




Simpson Strong‑Tie can make a variety of flat and bent steel clips and connectors for cold‑formed steel framing. Most custom clips can be punched with different holes and slots.

Material: 229 mil (3 ga.) maximum, 43 mil (18 ga.) minimum mill-certified steel (carbon and type 316L stainless steel)

Finish: Galvanized, Simpson Strong‑Tie® gray paint. Contact Simpson Strong‑Tie for availability.

To Obtain A Quote

  • Supply a CAD drawing in .dwg or .dxf format complete with all dimensions, hole diameter and centerline locations, bend angles, steel strength (min. Fy and Fu ), thickness (mils and/or ga.) and finish: (galvanized to G90, G185) or Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint (specify).
  • Total shape and size up to a maximum of 48" x 48" (approx. 1/16" tolerance).
  • Simpson Strong-Tie does not provide product engineering or load values for special order custom clips and connectors.
  • Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for pricing information.
  • Refer to Important Information & General Notes for additional information.

Specification Example


XX pieces


Per the attached CAD drawing (.dwg or .dxf format)

Drawing must be fully dimensioned including:

  • Overall dimensions
  • Leg dimensions
  • Bend Angles (if required)
  • Hole sizes and centerlines (if required)

Material Specification

Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for availability


54 mil (16 ga.)


  • Minimum Yield Strength (Fy) = 33 ksi
  • Min. Tensile Strength (Fu) = 45 ksi


Galvanized G90