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Warning & General Notes


Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. (“Simpson Strong-Tie”) fasteners and fastening products are designed and tested for certain applications and environments. To obtain optimal performance from Simpson Strong-Tie products, the products must be properly installed and used in accordance with the corrosion information, installation instructions and design limits provided by Simpson Strong-Tie.

To ensure proper installation and use, designers and installers must carefully read the following General Notes, General Instructions for the Installer and General Instructions for the Designer, as well as consult the applicable catalog and website pages for specific product installation and instructions and notes.

Proper product installation requires careful attention to all notes and instructions. Installers, designers, engineers and consumers must consult the Simpson Strong-Tie website each time a product is used to obtain additional design and installation information, including:

Failure to follow fully all of the notes and instructions provided by Simpson Strong-Tie may result in improper installation of products. Improperly installed products may not perform to the specifications set forth in this catalog and may reduce a structure’s ability to resist the movement, stress and loading that occurs from gravity loads as well as impact events such as earthquakes and high-velocity winds.

Simpson Strong-Tie provides no warranty for any products that have been modified, improperly installed or not used in accordance with the information set forth in this catalog and on our website.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Product Use

Products on this website are designed and manufactured for the specific purposes shown, and should not be used with other connectors not approved by a qualified licensed/certified building design professional, a licensed professional engineer or licensed architect (“Designer”).

You should review our website and consult a qualified Designer familiar with all applicable building codes each time you use a Simpson Strong-Tie product.

Consult www.strongtie.com for disclaimers, warnings, General Notes, General Instructions for the Installer, General Instructions for the Designer, Building Codes, Corrosion Information and other important information. F.O.B. Shipping Point unless otherwise specified.

Non-Catalog and Modified Products

Modifications to products or changes in installation procedures should only be made by a qualified professional Designer. The performance of such modified products or altered installation procedures is the sole responsibility of the Designer. Any person modifying Simpson Strong-Tie products must provide the installer with specific instructions on the modified products' specifications, installation and use.

Consult Simpson Strong-Tie for applications for which there is no catalog product, or for connectors for use in hostile environments, with excessive wood shrinkage, or with abnormal loading or erection requirements.

Non-catalog products must be designed by a qualified Designer and will be fabricated by Simpson Strong-Tie in accordance with customer specifications.

Any modified, special order or non-catalog products, or any products that are not installed strictly in accordance with Simpson Strong-Tie’s installation procedures, are provided “AS IS” and without any representation or warranty of any kind.


Any Designer or other person who modifies any products, changes any installation procedures or designs any non-catalog products for fabrication by Simpson Strong-Tie shall, regardless of specific instructions to the user, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Simpson Strong-Tie for any and all claimed loss or damage occasioned in whole or in part by such products.

Limited Warranty

For the Limited Warranty applicable to catalog products, see www.strongtie.com/information/limited-warranties.

General Notes

These notes are provided to ensure proper selection and installation of Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. (“Simpson Strong-Tie”) products and must be followed carefully.

  1. Simpson Strong-Tie reserves the right to change specifications, designs and models without notice or liability for such changes. Review our website each time you use a Simpson Strong-Tie product.
  2. Do not exceed published loads, doing so could jeopardize the connection and cause other damage.
  3. A fastener that splits the wood will not take the design load. Evaluate splits to determine if the connection will perform as required. Dry wood may split easily and should be evaluated as required. If wood tends to split consider pre-boring holes with diameters specified in the 2015 Edition National Design Specification (NDS) sections 12.1.5 for screws and 12.1.6 for nails.
  4. Fasteners may break if driven into hard materials or if countersunk below the surface of the substrate fastened.
  5. Do not overdrive fasteners. Overdriven fasteners may have a reduction in shear and pull-through capacity.
  6. Use products only in accordance with all instructions.
  7. All specified fasteners must be installed according to the instructions in this catalog and on our website.
  8. There are many choices of fasteners, tools and other products. It is often difficult to determine which type of product is best suited for your application. In some cases, there may be more than one type of product that will work well. The information in this website is intended to guide the Designer toward the product best suited for the specific application, use and environment. The choice of which product to use should be made by a qualified Designer.
  9. All connected members and related elements shall be designed by the Designer.
  10. Select fasteners of a type, size, length, thread, head, coating, material, point and other characteristics suitable for your application, use and environment. Incorrect fastener selection may cause the connection to fail.
  11. If using a fastener from this catalog with any other Simpson Strong-Tie product, consult the appropriate Simpson Strong-Tie catalog and appropriate section of this website for detailed information concerning the other product.
  12. Only use fasteners for their intended purpose as described in this publication. Connection failures can result from inappropriate substitution.
  13. Test drive fasteners to assure fasteners install correctly.
  14. The term “Designer” used throughout this catalog is intended to mean a licensed/certified building design professional, a licensed professional engineer or licensed architect. You should consult a qualified Designer familiar with all applicable building codes each time you use a Simpson Strong-Tie product.
  15. Follow material manufacturer’s installation instructions and fastener recommendations.
  16. Unless otherwise noted, nail “penny size” does not imply specific diameters or load capacities. Design standards must be used in conjunction with fastener material, diameter and length to determine acceptable uses.
  17. Use Quik Drive® tools only with authentic Quik Drive fasteners. Other fasteners will void the warranty and may cause the tool to malfunction and become damaged.
  18. If a Quik Drive product is compatible with a specified tool, do not use the product with any other tool.
  19. Power-driven fasteners may deflect and injure the operator or others. Follow the tool manufacturer's operating instructions and use appropriate safety equipment.
  20. Choose the proper tool to suit the fastener and applications.
  21. Use proper safety equipment, and read and follow all safety instructions.
  22. Always wear head, skin, eye and ear protection when installing the products or visiting a job site.
  23. With the use of any power or pneumatic tools, follow manufacturer’s safety instructions.
  24. Dissimilar metal combinations should be carefully assessed and avoided if possible.
  25. All carbon steel based fasteners have the potential to corrode and rust.
  26. Some hardened fasteners may have premature failure if exposed to moisture. These fasteners are recommended to be used in interior dry conditions.
  27. Select a fastener only after reading and following the corrosion information in this catalog and on our website.
  28. Be aware of special conditions that may increase corrosion risk and select product accordingly.
  29. Screws made from austenitic stainless steel are generally softer and have less torsional strength than screws made from carbon steel. Simpson Strong-Tie does not assume liability for breakage or damage due to screw breakage during or after installation. Pre-drilling may be necessary in some case. For best results, drive at 2,500 RPM or less.
  30. This catalog includes all information available as of the effective date of publication. Please consult the website for current information. We regularly update our website with additional important product information.

Quik Drive® – Warranty

For the Limited Warranty applicable to catalog products, see www.strongtie.com/information/limited-warranties.

Additional Quik Drive® Safety Warnings

Safe Work Area

  1. Keep work area clean and well lit.
  2. Do not operate Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive tools in dangerous environments. Do not expose tools to rain or use them in damp or wet locations. The use of Quik Drive tools can create sparks. Do not use in the presence of flammable liquids, dust or gases.
  3. Keep bystanders, children and visitors away while operating a Quik Drive tool. Distractions can cause accidents and serious bodily injury.

Personal Safety

  1. Stay alert. Do not use a Quik Drive system while tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. Use common sense when operating the tool. Inattention while operating Quik Drive system may result in serious bodily injury.
  2. Dress properly when using a Quik Drive system. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, long hair or jewelry can be caught in moving parts and result in serious bodily injury. Be sure the power switch on a tool is in the off position before plugging in the tool. Do not carry tools with your finger on the switch.
  3. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.
  4. Always use safety equipment, such as protective glasses, dust masks, non-skid safety shoes, safety harnesses hard hats and/or earplugs.

Reduce Risk of Electrical-Related Accidents

  1. Guard against electrical shock. Prevent body contact with grounded surfaces.
  2. Never modify the tool power plug in any way. Always use a plug with a matching outlet. Use of proper, unmodified plugs and outlets reduces the risk of electric shock.
  3. Do not abuse the power cord. Never carry a tool by itscord or pull the cord to disconnect from an outlet or other receptacle. Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges ormoving parts. Replace damaged cord immediately. Damagedcords increase the risk of electrical shock.
  4. When operating a tool outside, use extension cords suitable for outdoor use.

Quik Drive Tool Use and Care

  1. Do not force the Quik Drive tool. Use the correct tool for the application.
  2. When not in use, Quik Drive systems should be stored in a dry place and out of the reach of children and other untrained persons.
  3. Disconnect the plug from power source before making adjustments, changing accessories or storing tool.
  4. Maintain Quik Drive tools with care. Follow instructions for changing accessories.
  5. Regularly check for misalignment or binding of moving parts and other conditions that my affect operation.
  6. Use only accessories recommended by Simpson Strong‑Tie Company Inc.
  7. Any repairs to electric tools should be performed by qualified personnel. Use only authorized parts.
  8. Do not use wet or spray lubricants on any Quik Drive parts that may attract wood, metal or drywall dust.