Outdoor Accents® Decorative Hardware Essentials Collection

The Required Fastening Solution for Outdoor Accents Connectors

The Outdoor Accents Essentials of the decorative hardware product line includes the structural wood screw and hex-head washer combination that delivers increased strength and the decorative appeal of a bolted connection with the easy installation of a screw. In addition to fasteners and washers, the Essentials Collection also features concealed flange hangers that work well with both Outdoor Accents styles.

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Hex-head Washer and Structural Wood Screw Combo

The hex-head washer and structural wood screw provide the decorative appearance of a bolted connection, but are easier and faster to install than through-bolting.

The Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents hex-head washer and screw combo — use it every time.

Joist Hangers

These concealed-flange hangers feature straight edges and provide a cleaner-looking installation for joist connections.