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Simpson Strong-Tie Acquires Ready Products from Radius Track®

We are proud to announce that as of October 19, 2018, the Ready Products line of Ready-Hat®, Ready-Track®, Ready-Arch® and Ready-Angle®, along with the Radius Tools line of Radius Track Bender® and Radius Trim Bender™ have been acquired by Simpson Strong-Tie.

The Ready Products are hand-bendable curved framing solutions for light-gauge steel invented by Radius Track owner Chuck Mears and introduced to the market in 2004. They are an alternative to cutting, snipping, or other shaping methods with cold-formed steel (CFS) framing used on the jobsite. The Radius Tools are portable curved framing hand tools enabling the user to curve CFS framing to create curved walls and soffits quickly and accurately on the jobsite. Radius Track was originally founded in 1997 to distribute these tools.

This acquisition will help our customers take advantage of the exceptional growth potential in the cold-formed steel framing market. Simpson Strong-Tie is committed to ensuring a seamless transition and uninterrupted customer service during this period.

Radius Track

Ready Products


Versatile, low profile, and economical, form Ready-Hat flexible furring channel by hand on the job-site to the exact convex or concave shape needed. Secure it to concrete walls with power-driven fasteners or concrete nails. More than your average hat channel, Ready-Hat furring makes framing curved surfaces fast and easy.


Hand-bendable Ready-Track framing is the fast and dependable way to frame a curved wall while you're on the job site. Sold in straight sections, Ready-Track flexible framing holds its shape once formed, so it installs rapidly, and greatly reduces labor costs.


Ready-Angle framing adapts to almost any shape and curves in multiple directions so it's easy to form challenging compound curves and s-bends. Use two pieces of Ready-Angle framing to create curved track for steel and wood studs, or form arches of any depth quickly.


Create round, elliptical or s-shapes on the job site using Ready-Arch framing. Easy to fasten to wood or CFS studs, Ready-Arch framing, stocked at your local distributor, is the fast and easy way to frame curves.


Curved Framing Tools

Radius Track Bender Tool

The Radius Track Bender tool will curve STUD and TRACK profiles the hard way along the flange (think top and bottom track for a curved wall) — without requiring you to cut or slit the metal. Simply by turning a dial you can set the machine to produce the radius you need. Once set, the tool will bend the material to the same radius, piece after piece, all day long. We've made the Radius Track Bender training process simple with a FREE* training DVD, a printed User's Manual with laminated (jobsite friendly) charts, and unlimited phone access to our master technicians who will answer your questions or help you troubleshoot your bending job.

Radius Track Bender
Radius Trim Bender® Tool

The Radius Trim Bender tool is remarkably portable and allows you to curve L-metal quickly, accurately and conveniently right on the jobsite. With the Radius Trim Bender tool, you have the power to create curved soffits to almost any radius specification. Compact and easy to use, this innovative system forms the exact radius you want by creating compound indentations at consistent intervals (no measuring) along the length of the angle. Once a piece of angle is bent into a radius, it is capable of spanning distances in excess of 3 feet between supports, significantly reducing installation time and materials.

Radius Trim Bender

Radius Track Literature