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Curves Are Now Smoother Than Ever — Ready Products

Ready Products hand-bendable framing members, along with the Ready Bender™ portable bending tools, enable an installer to create curved cold-formed steel wall and ceiling framing right on the jobsite. Easy to work with and endlessly versatile, the Ready-Hat®, Ready-Track®, Ready-Arch® and Ready-Angle® flexible framing sections create a CFS framing system that can help you realize even the most challenging curved drywall designs.

Ready Products provide superior results in less time than traditional methods.

  • Complete any curved framing job quickly and efficiently the first time
  • Easy for all skill levels to hand-form into uniform, smooth curves
  • One-piece steel construction, designed to hold shape with fewer fasteners
Radius Track

Ready Products


Ready-Hat® Framing

Whether the plans call for framing over a CMU wall or concrete column or just a curved transition from wall to ceiling, the Ready-Hat furring and framing channel is right for the job. This versatile product is easy to form by hand into the exact shape needed right on the jobsite and is secured to concrete or CMU walls with power-driven fasteners or concrete screws.


Ready-Track® Framing

Ready-Track framing is the fast and dependable way to frame curved walls on the jobsite. Simple to bend into smooth curves, it holds its shape without fasteners for easy positioning and installation. With flexible framing sections, Ready-Track creates a CFS framing system that can help you realize even the most challenging curved designs


Ready-Angle® Framing

Ready-Angle framing angle adapts to almost any shape and curves in multiple directions, so it’s easy to form challenging compound curves and s-bends. Use two pieces to replicate curved track for steel and wood studs, to form arches of any depth quickly or to produce finished corners that are ready for drywall


Ready-Arch® Framing

Creating arched openings and designs is simpler than ever with Ready-Arch framing members. Round, elliptical or s-shapes are all easy to form on the jobsite without any cutting or additional reinforcement. Ready-Arch members are also ideal for more challenging applications where material needs to curve along the web.


Curved Framing Tools

Ready Track Bender Tool

Ready Track™ Bender Custom Framing Tool.

The Ready Track Bender is a portable, on-the-jobsite tool that curves studs and track easily, accurately and conveniently by creating compound indentations at consistent intervals along the length of the material.

Ready Track Bender
Ready Trim Bender Tool

Ready Trim™ Bender Custom Framing Tool

The Ready Trim Bender allows the user to curve angles quickly, accurately and conveniently right on the jobsite by creating compound indentations at consistent intervals along the length of the angle. It eliminates the need for old-fashioned tin snips and the trial-and-error method of approximating the right radius.

Ready Trim Bender

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