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Selecting Fasteners for Connectors

When selecting fasteners for connectors, match the base metal and corrosion resistance of the fasteners and connectors to maximize connection durability. Stainless steel connector screws should be used with stainless steel connectors. When galvanized and stainless steel parts are used together, galvanic corrosion can occur because the two metals (zinc and stainless steel) are electrochemically dissimilar. If the screw is galvanized and the connector is stainless steel, corrosion of the screw would begin with sacrifice of the zinc in the galvanized coating and then proceed with corrosion of the steel screw. Whether due to a galvanic or oxidative electrochemical process, corrosion can lead to the need for premature repair or failure of the connection.

Simpson Strong-Tie provides hot-dip galvanized, mechanically galvanized and stainless steel fasteners designed and approved to provide maximum load capabilities when properly installed with Simpson Strong-Tie ZMax® and stainless steel connectors.

Technical Notes

General Notes for Wood Construction Connectors
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Strong-Drive SCN Smooth-Shank Connector Nail

Use SCN smooth-shank connector nails with Simpson Strong-Tie connectors.

Strong-Drive SCNR Ring-Shank Connector Nail

SCNR ring-shank connector nails are the best choice for achieving maximum load values in connectors. Use Type 316 stainless steel nails with stainless steel connectors.

Strong-Drive SD Connector Screw

Specifically designed to replace nails in many popular Simpson Strong‑Tie connectors, these load-rated screws are easier and more convenient to install than nails in certain applications.

Strong-Drive SD Connector SS Screw

Strong-Drive SD Connector SS Screw

A powerful, load-rated stainless steel solution for use with Simpson Strong-Tie stainless steel connectors where extra corrosion protection and load specifications are required.

Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector Screw

Easy to drive without predrilling and with minimal splitting, this 1/4"-diameter high-strength structural wood screw is ideal for various connector installations as well as multiple applications.