Close-up of Strong-Drive® structural fasteners embedded in a wooden beam, showcasing their strength and durability.Close-up of Strong-Drive® structural fasteners embedded in a wooden beam, showcasing their strength and durability.

When Performance is Critical

When it comes to structural fasteners, Strong-Drive is the only name you need to know. Our professional-grade screws and nails are precision engineered for strength, versatility and reliability. With innovative designs that make driving fast and easy, the entire Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive line helps keep installed costs low while meeting the highest demands. Our broad selection of fasteners is available in a wide variety of lengths for any application. Whether you’re building a new subdivision, retrofitting, renovating, installing cabinets, or assembling a deck, dock or pier, there’s no better way to get the job done.  

Exterior wood screws installed on a deck, highlighting their corrosion resistance.

Exterior Structural Wood Screws

When structural projects will be subjected to the elements, you need fasteners that can stand up to the toughest applications and last; trust Strong-Drive Structural fasteners when failure's not an option.

Interior structural screws used in framing to ensure stability and load distribution.

Interior Structural Wood Screws

Whether you’re fastening multiple plies or ensuring a continuous load path, Strong-Drive structural fasteners has an interior fastening solution for you.

Metal screws demonstrating versatility in wood-to-steel and steel-decking applications.

Metal Screws

Fastening metal requires the right self-drilling screw for the material, from wood-to-steel to sheating to cold-formed-steel to steel-decking to metal-framing, there's a Strong-Drive structural screw for your job.

Connector fasteners providing strong connections in building frames.

Connector Fasteners

To ensure you’re getting the highest loads out of Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors, use Strong-Drive structural nails and screws.

Overview of Simpson Strong-Tie fastening systems used in construction projects.

Fastening Systems

Three leading fastener brands have one strength in common. They’re all made by Simpson-Strong-Tie.