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SDWS Packaging

Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber Screws

Many Simpson Strong-Tie dealers nationwide carry Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber Screws. Use our Dealer Locator to a find a dealer near you.

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Faster Starts and Less Torque While Driving

Save time on your next project by avoiding predrilling (for most applications). Lengths range from 3" to 10" and are load rated.

Our Strong-Drive SDWS Timber Screws are structural fasteners that are designed for wood-to-wood and engineered-wood connections, including: ledgers, guard post installations, timber framing, crate assembly and pre-built shed assembly and more.

Key Features

  • New — Patented SawTooth™ point ensures fast starts, reduces installation torque and eliminates the need for predrilling in most applications
  • Bold thread design provides superior holding power
  • Under-head nibs offer greater control when seating the head
  • Large low-profile washer head provides maximum bearing area (0.75" head dia.)
  • Size identification on all SDWS screw heads
  • 6-lobe T-40 drive reduces driver-bit cam-outs, resulting in easier installations and longer bit life
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SDWS ledger Installation