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Now in 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/2" and 3" lengths

Simpson Strong-Tie has re-engineered its popular subfloor screws to reduce driving force and increase installation speed. The new Strong-Drive® WSV Subfloor screw has been developed for fastening subfloor sheathing using the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system.

  • Redesigned tip and thread pattern provide easy starts and up to 25% less torque1 — which leads to faster driving.2
  • Less installation torque also means less wear on tools.
  • Deep-recessed 6-lobed ribbed head provides clean countersinking and more secure bit retention for easier installations.
  • The holding power of WSV screws reduces the gaps between the joist and subfloor that cause floor squeaks.
  • WSV screws can be easily backed out, allowing for future access to floor cavities.

The ideal replacement for 8d and 10d nails. The Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor screw is the only fastener to be dual-evaluated per ICC-ES AS233 and ICC-ES AC120 under ASTM D1761 and ASTM D1037 test criteria. This testing indicates that the WSV Subfloor screws have lateral, shear and withdrawal values that exceed those of 10d common nails, and diaphragms built with WSV Subfloor screws meet or exceed the strength and stiffness of wood frame diaphragms built with 10d nails.

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Strong-Drive® WSV Subfloor Screw Features
1 Test data shows the Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor screw requires up to 25% less driving torque in single-material LVL.
2 The redesigned WSV thread pattern will result in 20% faster screw installations.

"See" the Difference on the Jobsite

See the Difference on the Jobsite

The WSV screw gives visual confirmation of a secure joist connection by countersinking, while "shot-in" power-driven fasteners or hand-driven nails look the same whether or not they hit the joist. Missed fasteners could result in floor flexing that can cause squeaking in other parts of the structure and reduced diaphragm load capacity.

"Hear" the Difference over Time

Hear the Difference over Time

Squeaking of newly installed floors can result in callbacks (expensive travel, labor, materials) and possibly a damaged reputation. Fastening subflooring with WSV screws, rather than power-driven fasteners or hand-driven nails, provides the power necessary to pull together joists and plywood (or WSP sheathing), eliminating gaps, holding the materials firm, and thereby reducing squeaks.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Your Back! Faster Installation Speeds, Consistent Performance and Reduced Worker Fatigue

The Quik Drive PRO250G2 Subfloor System is the ideal choice for driving collated Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor screws. Stand-up driving allows for improved labor-savings, less user fatigue and better consistency.

The PRO250G2 Subfloor System Includes:
  • PRO250G2 Subfloor Attachment
  • Extension for stand-up driving
  • Quiver for keeping collated screws at your fingertips
  • Rugged tool case
  • Choice of DeWalt® or Makita® screwdriver motors
  • Limited lifetime warranty (see strongtie.com/warranty for more information)