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MFAB Anchorage Assembly

Strong Frame Special Moment Frame

MFAB Anchorage Kits

MFAB Anchorage Kits Column Group 1 and 2
  1. Column Group 1 — OMF column: C6 and SMF column: C6BU.
    • Only have 2 anchor rods; bearing plate size is 3/8" x 3" x 7".
  2. OMF columns: C9, C12 and C15.
    • SMF columns: C9BU, C12BU and C15BU.
  3. Column Group 3 — SMF columns: C8A, C8B, C10, C12, C14, C16 and C18A.
  4. Column Group 4 — SMF columns: C10B, C12B, C14B and C18B; and other engineered design (“z”) sections.
  5. MFAB requires additional hairpins and/or ties for concrete breakout.
MFAB Anchorage Kits Column Group 3 and 4
MFAB Anchorage Kits | MFTPLX
MFAB Anchorage Kits | MFTPLX-XX-5-2
MFAB Anchorage Kits | MFTPLX-XX-X