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Introduction to Moment Frame Anchorage

Strong Frame Moment Frame

Simplify Your Anchorage

  • Streamlined Footing Design
    Preengineered anchorage solutions simplify the design process. No more tedious anchor calculations, just select the solution that fits your footing geometry.
  • Two Types of Preengineered Anchorage Options Available
    The MFSL anchorage assembly places the frame near the edge of concrete allowing closer edge distance. The MFAB tied‑anchorage assembly is designed for use where a 2x8 wall is acceptable.
  • Preassembled Anchor‑Bolt Assemblies
    Anchor bolts are preassembled on an anchorage template that mounts on the form. This helps ensure correct anchor placement for trouble‑free installation of columns.

Strong Frame® MFSL anchorage assemblies make design and installation faster and easier.
MFSL Anchorage Assembly
US Patent 8,336,267
MFAB Anchorage Assembly