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HU / HUC Welded onto Steel Members

Strong Frame Moment Frame

Non-modified HU and HUC series hangers may be welded to supporting structural steel members.

  • Use 1” weld segments equally spaced top to bottom, with half the segments on each side of hanger
  • Welds may be either lap joint (on outside edge of flanges) or flare bevel groove (on flange bend line)
  • Refer to technical bulletin T-C-HUHUC-W
HU Table
  1. Design loads must not exceed the current Wood Construction Connectors catalog capacity for specific hanger and application used.
  2. Loads assume E-70XX weld material (e.g., E-70S-E).
  3. Caution: Welding galvanized steel may produce harmful fumes; follow proper welding procedures and safety precautions. Welding should be in accordance with A.W.S. standards.
  4. Welds must conform to the current A.W.S. D1.3 structural welding code for sheet steel.
  5. This connection involves welding 14 gauge to heavy structural steel. It should only be performed by skilled, qualified welders.
  6. For uplift loads, use values for wood-to-wood connectors shown in the current Wood Construction Connectors catalog.
Lap Joint Fillet Weld
Lap Joint Fillet Weld
Flare Bevel Groove Weld
Flare Bevel Groove Weld
(see detail)
Flare Bevel Groove Weld Detail
Flare Bevel Groove Weld Detail