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Top-Flange Joist Hangers — I-Joist and Structural Composite Lumber Hangers

Strong Frame Moment Frame

Simpson Strong Tie offers several top flange hanger options for attaching joists to the Strong Frame moment frame.

US Patent 8,250,827

ITS — The ITS installs faster and uses fewer nails than any other EWP top‑flange hanger. The Strong‑Grip™ seat enables standard joist installation without joist nails resulting in the lowest installed cost.

HIT Installation on a Strong Frame Beam with Preinstalled Nailers

MIT/HIT — These joist hangers feature positive-angle nailing, which allows the nail to be driven at approximately 45° into the joist flange. This minimizes splitting of the flanges while permitting time‑saving nailing from a better angle.

US Patent 7,334,372
BA Installed on a Strong Frame Beam with Preinstalled Nailers Using Minimum Nailing

BA — A cost‑effective hanger targeted at high-capacity I‑joists and common structural composite lumber applications. A min./max. joist nail option creates added versatility.

(requires 4x nailer)
BA Weld-on
BA Weld-on Application Shown
(HB similar)

BA and HB — The BA and HB hangers offer wide versatility for I‑joists and structural composite lumber. The enhanced load capacity widens the range of applications for these hangers. For hangers welded directly to steel beam, see T-C-WELDUPLFT.

WP, HWP and HWPH — This series of purlin hangers offer the greatest design flexibility and versatility.
See the Simpson Strong‑Tie Wood Construction Connectors catalog for complete information and General Notes for these joist hangers. For allowable loads, see technical bulletin T-C-NAILUPLFT.