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OMF Installation

Strong Frame Moment Frame

Each Strong Frame ordinary moment frame includes all the hardware necessary for assembly:

  • (16) 7/8" x 3" high-strength bolts ASTM A325
  • (16) 7/8"-diameter heavy hex nuts1
  • (16) 7/8"-diameter hardened washers1
  • (16) Direct Tension Indicator (DTI) washers
  • (16) Finger shims
  • (1) 0.015" feeler gauge
  • (8) 5/8"-diameter cut washers2
  • (12) 5/8"-diameter heavy hex nuts2
  • (4) 5/8" x 3" carriage bolts
  • (1) Installation sheet (Technical bulletin T-SFINSTALL)
  1. For C18H and C21H columns, 1" bolts, nuts and washers are used.
  2. For C18H and C21H columns, 3⁄4" bolts, nuts and washers are used.
Ordinary Moment Frame Overview
Ordinary Moment Frame Installation Diagram
Ordinary Moment Frame Bolt Installation Diagram

Suggested Installation Instructions

  1. Install anchorage into the footing per the Designer’s specifications.
  2. Remove the form template MFTPL or MFTPL6 and install heavy hex nuts onto the anchors, lowering them all the way down to the concrete; these will be used to level the frame.
  3. Lay out the components of the Strong Frame moment frame horizontally for assembly prior to positioning onto the anchor bolts.
  4. Bolt the columns and beam together using high-strength bolts and washers (included) in accessible holes. DTI washers are also included and should be used (see p. 34). Do not fully tighten at this time.
  5. Lift the frame (using proper equipment) and position it onto the anchor bolts, so that it rests on the first set of heavy hex nuts. The top nailer should be 1 1/2" below the top of adjoining walls (see figure at right). Install remaining bolts.
  6. Provide temporary diagonal bracing of the moment frame, as required, until it is tied into the floor or roof framing above.
  7. Install the remaining bolts connecting the columns and beam, do not fully tighten at this time.
  8. Plumb one column and adjust the temporary bracing as required. Install the heavy hex nuts and washers onto the anchor bolts and fully tighten with wrench ( turn past finger tight) (see figure at right). Note: A 3/4"–2" gap is required under each baseplate for non-shrink grout (1 " typical).
  9. Plumb the second column and level the beam, making sure to keep the column plumb. Install the remaining heavy hex nuts onto the anchor bolts, finger-tight against the base plate (see figure at right).
  10. Return to the first column and fully tighten all column-to-beam bolts (see p. 35).
  11. Check that the beam is still level and the second column is plumb, and adjust the temporary bracing as required.
  12. Fully tighten the column-to-beam bolts using wrench or impact gun on second column and then the nuts on the anchor bolts on the second column.
  13. Install non-shrink grout (5,000 psi minimum) under each base plate (3/4" minimum) following the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes (may require inspection) (see figure at right).
  14. Install wood nailer blocks on top of each column, using the carriage bolts provided (12", 15", 18" and 21" columns have four bolt holes, only two bolts required).
Ordinary Moment Frame Installation: Step 4
Ordinary Moment Frame Installation: Steps 8 & 9
Ordinary Moment Frame Installation: Step 13