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Strong Frame® Ordering Process and Options

Strong Frame Moment Frame

Ordering a Strong Frame moment frame is a simple process similar to ordering a special connector or any other Simpson Strong-Tie product. Here are the steps:

  1. Obtain the designer’s submittal documents specifying Strong Frame products.
  2. Locate the specified Strong Frame and anchorage model numbers in the designer’s documents.
  3. Request pricing by providing the model numbers to your preferred Simpson Strong-Tie product dealer.
  4. Pricing will be provided along with a dimension verification submittal package for the contractor to confirm overall frame and anchorage dimensions.
  5. Confirm/modify dimensions as needed and place order. Quoted lead time begins once Simpson Strong-Tie receives a purchase order and signed dimensional verification submittal package.

Strong Frame® Ordering Options

Strong Frame moment frames will be delivered to the jobsite bundled together with all the necessary installation components. A typical Strong Frame product will have Yield-Link® structural fuses installed to the beam (SMF), or end plates attached to the beam, preinstalled nailers, predrilled holes for utilities, grey paint and label stickers for easy assembly. During the design and verification process, many options can be specified to meet the individual needs of your project, such as the following:

  • Omit nailers on the columns, beams or both.
  • Omit holes in beam or column flanges when nailers are omitted.
  • Frame to be utilized in cold-formed steel or steel structure. Options for beam top nailers can be provided to meet specific detailing requirements.
  • Omit predrilled utility holes in beam or column webs.
  • Additional or larger holes in beam or column flanges and webs. Size, location, and evaluation of elements shall be provided by the designer. Simpson Strong-Tie can assist.
  • Hot-dip galvanized columns and beam. Yield-Links cannot be hot-dip galvanized.
  • Omit grey primer and/or sticker labels for field finishing or protection of steel, when required.
  • Treated lumber for nailers.
  • Preassembled frames. (Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for availability depending on location and DOT limitations.)
  • Preattached components such as shear tabs or buckets may be installed during fabrication when required. Design and detailing shall be provided by the designer, and exact locations provided and confirmed by the contractor.
  • Other options may be available as required to meet job specific requirements. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie to discuss options and availability.