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Ordinary Moment Frame Product Information – Standard Sizes

Strong Frame Ordinary Moment Frame

The Strong Frame® ordinary moment frame is a factory-built moment frame consisting of two columns, a beam and a connection kit. The columns are anchored to the foundation using anchor bolts and are connected to the beam using high-strength bolts. The 368 available models of the Strong Frame moment frame are created by combining various sizes of columns (in pairs) with various sizes of beams. Columns are 6", 9", 12" and 15" inches wide and beams are 8 1/2" and 12" deep (dimensions do not include wood nailers).

B12 Beam
B9 Beam
Assembly Elevation
Model No. Naming Legend Standard Sizes
Ordinary moment frame beams and columns are manufactured with pre-installed 2x6 wood nailers.
Strong Frame Ordinary Moment Frame Models by Opening Width and Nominal Height
Clear Opening Width Nominal Moment Frame Height
8 feet 9 feet 10 feet 12 feet 14 feet 16 feet 18 feet 19 feet
Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No.
8'–2" OMF69–8x8 OMF69–8x9 OMF69–8x10 OMF69–8x12 OMF69–8x14 OMF69–8x16 OMF69–8x18 OMF69–8x19
8'–2" OMF612–8x8 OMF612–8x9 OMF612–8x10 OMF612–8x12 OMF612–8x14 OMF612–8x16 OMF612–8x18 OMF612–8x19
8'–2" OMF99–8x8 OMF99–8x9 OMF99–8x10 OMF99–8x12 OMF99–8x14 OMF99–8x16 OMF99–8x18 OMF99–8x19
8'–2" OMF912–8x8 OMF912–8x9 OMF912–8x10 OMF912–8x12 OMF912–8x14 OMF912–8x16 OMF912–8x18 OMF912–8x19
8'–2" OMF129–8x8 OMF129–8x9 OMF129–8x10 OMF129–8x12 OMF129–8x14 OMF129–8x16 OMF129–8x18 OMF129–8x19
8'–2" OMF1212–8x8 OMF1212–8x9 OMF1212–8x10 OMF1212–8x12 OMF1212–8x14 OMF1212–8x16 OMF1212–8x18 OMF1212–8x19
8'–2" OMF1512–8x8 OMF1512–8x9 OMF1512–8x10 OMF1512–8x12 OMF1512–8x14 OMF1512–8x16 OMF1512–8x18 OMF1512–8x19
10'–2" OMF69–10x8 OMF69–10x9 OMF69–10x10 OMF69–10x12 OMF69–10x14 OMF69–10x16 OMF69–10x18 OMF69–10x19
10'–2" OMF612–10x8 OMF612–10x9 OMF612–10x10 OMF612–10x12 OMF612–10x14 OMF612–10x16 OMF612–10x18 OMF612–10x19
10'–2" OMF99–10x8 OMF99–10x9 OMF99–10x10 OMF99–10x12 OMF99–10x14 OMF99–10x16 OMF99–10x18 OMF99–10x19
10'–2" OMF912–10x8 OMF912–10x9 OMF912–10x10 OMF912–10x12 OMF912–10x14 OMF912–10x16 OMF912–10x18 OMF912–10x19
10'–2" OMF129–10x8 OMF129–10x9 OMF129–10x10 OMF129–10x12 OMF129–10x14 OMF129–10x16 OMF129–10x18 OMF129–10x19
10'–2" OMF1212–10x8 OMF1212–10x9 OMF1212–10x10 OMF1212–10x12 OMF1212–10x14 OMF1212–10x16 OMF1212–10x18 OMF1212–10x19
10'–2" OMF1512–10x8 OMF1512–10x9 OMF1512–10x10 OMF1512–10x12 OMF1512–10x14 OMF1512–10x16 OMF1512–10x18 OMF1512–10x19
12'–4" OMF69–12x8 OMF69–12x9 OMF69–12x10 OMF69–12x12 OMF69–12x14 OMF69–12x16 OMF69–12x18 OMF69–12x19
12'–4" OMF612–12x8 OMF612–12x9 OMF612–12x10 OMF612–12x12 OMF612–12x14 OMF612–12x16 OMF612–12x18 OMF612–12x19
12'–4" OMF99–12x8 OMF99–12x9 OMF99–12x10 OMF99–12x12 OMF99–12x14 OMF99–12x16 OMF99–12x18 OMF99–12x19
12'–4" OMF912–12x8 OMF912–12x9 OMF912–12x10 OMF912–12x12 OMF912–12x14 OMF912–12x16 OMF912–12x18 OMF912–12x19
12'–4" OMF129–12x8 OMF129–12x9 OMF129–12x10 OMF129–12x12 OMF129–12x14 OMF129–12x16 OMF129–12x18 OMF129–12x19
12'–4" OMF1212–12x8 OMF1212–12x9 OMF1212–12x10 OMF1212–12x12 OMF1212–12x14 OMF1212–12x16 OMF1212–12x18 OMF1212–12x19
12'–4" OMF1512–12x8 OMF1512–12x9 OMF1512–12x10 OMF1512–12x12 OMF1512–12x14 OMF1512–12x16 OMF1512–12x18 OMF1512–12x19
14'–4" OMF69–14x8 OMF69–14x9 OMF69–14x10 OMF69–14x12 OMF69–14x14 OMF69–14x16 OMF69–14x18 OMF69–14x19
14'–4" OMF612–14x8 OMF612–14x9 OMF612–14x10 OMF612–14x12 OMF612–14x14 OMF612–14x16 OMF612–14x18 OMF612–14x19
14'–4" OMF99–14x8 OMF99–14x9 OMF99–14x10 OMF99–14x12 OMF99–14x14 OMF99–14x16 OMF99–14x18 OMF99–14x19
14'–4" OMF912–14x8 OMF912–14x9 OMF912–14x10 OMF912–14x12 OMF912–14x14 OMF912–14x16 OMF912–14x18 OMF912–14x19
14'–4" OMF129–14x8 OMF129–14x9 OMF129–14x10 OMF129–14x12 OMF129–14x14 OMF129–14x16 OMF129–14x18 OMF129–14x19
14'–4" OMF1212–14x8 OMF1212–14x9 OMF1212–14x10 OMF1212–14x12 OMF1212–14x14 OMF1212–14x16 OMF1212–14x18 OMF1212–14x19
14'–4" OMF1512–14x8 OMF1512–14x9 OMF1512–14x10 OMF1512–14x12 OMF1512–14x14 OMF1512–14x16 OMF1512–14x18 OMF1512–14x19
16'–4" OMF69–16x8 OMF69–16x9 OMF69–16x10 OMF69–16x12 OMF69–16x14 OMF69–16x16 OMF69–16x18 OMF69–16x19
16'–4" OMF612–16x8 OMF612–16x9 OMF612–16x10 OMF612–16x12 OMF612–16x14 OMF612–16x16 OMF612–16x18 OMF612–16x19
16'–4" OMF99–16x8 OMF99–16x9 OMF99–16x10 OMF99–16x12 OMF99–16x14 OMF99–16x16 OMF99–16x18 OMF99–16x19
16'–4" OMF912–16x8 OMF912–16x9 OMF912–16x10 OMF912–16x12 OMF912–16x14 OMF912–16x16 OMF912–16x18 OMF912–16x19
16'–4" OMF129–16x8 OMF129–16x9 OMF129–16x10 OMF129–16x12 OMF129–16x14 OMF129–16x16 OMF129–16x18 OMF129–16x19
16'–4" OMF1212–16x8 OMF1212–16x9 OMF1212–16x10 OMF1212–16x12 OMF1212–16x14 OMF1212–16x16 OMF1212–16x18 OMF1212–16x19
16'–4" OMF1512–16x8 OMF1512–16x9 OMF1512–16x10 OMF1512–16x12 OMF1512–16x14 OMF1512–16x16 OMF1512–16x18 OMF1512–16x19
18'–4" OMF69–18x8 OMF69–18x9 OMF69–18x10 OMF69–18x12 OMF69–18x14 OMF69–18x16 OMF69–18x18 OMF69–18x19
18'–4" OMF612–18x8 OMF612–18x9 OMF612–18x10 OMF612–18x12 OMF612–18x14 OMF612–18x16 OMF612–18x18 OMF612–18x19
18'–4" OMF99–18x8 OMF99–18x9 OMF99–18x10 OMF99–18x12 OMF99–18x14 OMF99–18x16 OMF99–18x18 OMF99–18x19
18'–4" OMF912–18x8 OMF912–18x9 OMF912–18x10 OMF912–18x12 OMF912–18x14 OMF912–18x16 OMF912–18x18 OMF912–18x19
18'–4" OMF129–18x8 OMF129–18x9 OMF129–18x10 OMF129–18x12 OMF129–18x14 OMF129–18x16 OMF129–18x18 OMF129–18x19
18'–4" OMF1212–18x8 OMF1212–18x9 OMF1212–18x10 OMF1212–18x12 OMF1212–18x14 OMF1212–18x16 OMF1212–18x18 OMF1212–18x19
18'–4" OMF1512–18x8 OMF1512–18x9 OMF1512–18x10 OMF1512–18x12 OMF1512–18x14 OMF1512–18x16 OMF1512–18x18 OMF1512–18x19
20'–4" OMF612–20x8 OMF612–20x9 OMF612–20x10 OMF612–20x12 OMF612–20x14 OMF612–20x16 OMF612–20x18 OMF612–20x19
20'–4" OMF912–20x8 OMF912–20x9 OMF912–20x10 OMF912–20x12 OMF912–20x14 OMF912–20x16 OMF912–20x18 OMF912–20x19
20'–4" OMF1212–20x8 OMF1212–20x9 OMF1212–20x10 OMF1212–20x12 OMF1212–20x14 OMF1212–20x16 OMF1212–20x18 OMF1212–20x19
20'–4" OMF1512–20x8 OMF1512–20x9 OMF1512–20x10 OMF1512–20x12 OMF1512–20x14 OMF1512–20x16 OMF1512–20x18 OMF1512–20x19