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Simpson Strong-Tie Strong Frame Special Moment Frame Product and Service Offering

Strong Frame Moment Frame

Yield-Link Structural Fuse

The standard Strong Frame moment connection consists of two modified T-stub links (Yield-Links); one on top of the beam and one on the bottom (see Figure 1a). For shallow beams with 8.5" overall steel depth, Simpson Strong-Tie developed a SMF connection with end-plate links (see Figure 1b). Other than the design of the Yield-Link end-plate and end-plate-to-column flange bolts, the connection design procedure for the end-plate Yield-Link connection is identical to our existing two-piece Yield-Links connection.

Factory-Installed Strong Frame Yield-Link Structural Fuse Special Moment Frame Joint
Figure 1a – Two-Piece T-Stub Link
Factory-Installed Strong Frame End-Plate Yield-Link Special Moment Frame Joint
Figure 1b – End-Plate Link

Note: Quantity of bolts will vary depending on design requirements.

SMF Link Types

T-Stub Links
Column Flange Two-Piece T-stub Link
Width (in.) Name Wyield (in.)
5.5 5.5L 1.750
5.5M 2.125
5.5H 2.500
< 10 X1.75 1.750
X2.0 2.000
L 2.250
M 2.875
H 3.375
Max 3.500
>=10 8L 2.250
8M 2.875
8H 3.375
8Max 3.500
End-Plate Links (EPL)
Column Flange End-Plate Link
Width (in.) Name Wyield (in.)
5.5 E5.5L 1.750
E5.5M 2.125
E5.5H 2.500
< 8.0 EL 2.250
EMax 2.875
EH 3.375
EMax 3.500