General Instructions for the Installer

These general instructions for the installer are provided to ensure proper selection and installation of Simpson Strong‑Tie Company Inc. products and must be followed carefully. These general instructions are in addition to the specific installation instructions and notes provided for each particular product, all of which should be consulted prior to and during installation of Simpson Strong‑Tie Company Inc. products.

  1. Provide temporary diagonal bracing of Strong Frame as required until frame is tied in to the floor or roof framing above.
  2. All specified fasteners must be installed according to the instructions in this design guide. Incorrect fastener quantity, size, placement, type, material or finish may cause the connection to fail.
  3. Fill all fastener holes as specified in the installation instructions for that product. Some preinstalled items may not use all holes.
  4. Use the materials specified in the installation instructions. Substitution of or failure to use specified materials may cause the product to fail.
  5. Do not add holes or otherwise modify Simpson Strong‑Tie Company Inc. products except as noted in this design guide. The performance of modified products may be substantially weakened. Simpson Strong‑Tie will not warrant or guarantee the performance of such modified products.
  6. Install products in the position specified in the design guide.
  7. Do not alter installation procedures from those set forth in this design guide.
  8. Install all specified fasteners before loading the frame.
  9. Use proper safety equipment.
  10. Nuts shall be installed such that the end of the threaded rod or bolt is at least flush with the top of the nut.
  11. Local and/or regional building codes may require meeting special conditions. Building codes often require special inspection of anchors installed in concrete and masonry. For compliance with these requirements, it is necessary to contact the local and/or regional building authority. Except where mandated by code or code listed, Simpson Strong‑Tie products do not require special inspection.
  12. High‑strength bolts in fully pretensioned Yield-Link stem-tobeam flange connections may require special inspection to verify installation pretension. For compliance with these requirements, it is necessary to contact the local and/or regional building authority. Where applicable, Direct Tension Indicating (DTI) washers or twist-off-type bolts are included in the Strong Frame installation kits to help verify installation pretension. Contact Simpson Strong‑Tie for Fastener Assembly Certificates of Conformity.
  13. See installation detail sheets for field modification options.