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Customized Runs

Your Partner During the Project Design Phase

Simpson Strong-Tie offers complimentary design services to assist those Specifiers considering the inclusion of the Strong-Rod Anchor Tiedown System (ATS) for shearwall overturning restraint. For years, Simpson Strong-Tie has leveraged its testing and overall industry experience to provide world-class, customized design services for Designers of multi-story wood structures.

Why Use Our Engineering Design Services?

  • Receive customized shearwall overturning restraint solutions
  • Collaborate during the project design phase
  • Receive a full set of drawings and calculations to add to your submittal
  • Maintain the flexibility to provide the most cost-effective solution for your project
  • Gain trusted technical expertise in critical rod tiedown system design considerations

Typical Engagement Process

  1. Determine the shearwall layout and establish the shearwall overturning demand loads.
  2. Visit strongtie.com/srs to download the ATS spreadsheet. Fill out the requested information and email it to engineeringservices@strongtie.com. We'll review your submittal and contact you if we have any questions. In a few days, you will receive a complete ATS design package to include with your project submittal. The package will include:
    • Calculations for each unique rod run
    • Elevation drawings for each unique run identifying each component in the rod run
    • Typical detail sheet showing installation details
    • General notes to include in the plans
    • Upon request
      • Compression post design and specification
      • For podium slab anchor reinforcement solution options, see ATS Shallow Podium Anchor for calculations, load tables and detail options