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ATS Run Start Details

Rod-to-Steel-Beam Connector (ATS-SBC)

The new rod-to-steel-beam connector (ATS-SBC) features a preattached high-strength steel threaded rod and weldable plate for use on projects where the run is to be anchored to steel beams. The new connector reduces the number of components from seven to two, saving contractors installation time and cost. The design of the steel beam and the stiffeners are the responsibility of the Designer.

Material: Plate — ASTM A572 Grade 50

Threaded Rod: High-Strength (ATS-HSR):
Up to 1" diameter — ASTM A449
Greater than 1" diameter — ASTM A193 B7 or F1554 Grade 105


Rod-to-Steel-Beam Connector (SBC)

Rod-to-Steel-Beam Connector (SBC)
  1. Allowable loads are for ATS-SBC only. No further increase in allowable load is permitted.
  2. The weld length for the ATS-SBC5H and ATS-SBC6H requires only two opposing sides of the plate to be fillet welded full length less a 1/4" holdback from each of the edges. For the ATS-SBC8H up to the ATS-SBC12H, all four sides must be fillet welded full length less a 1/4" holdback from each of the edges. All fillet welds, FEXX, to be greater than or equal to 70 ksi and to follow geometry and standards per AISC and AWS. Prepare base materials in accordance with AWS D1.1.
  3. For purposes of coupling on to the rod above, the ATS-SBC threaded rod specification is UNC Class 2A, in accordance with ANSE/ASME B1.1.
  4. The minimum tensile strength, Fu, of the threaded rod for the ATS-SBC5H, ATS-SBC6H and ATS-SBC8H is 120 ksi, and for the ATS-SBC10H, ATS-SBC11H and ATS-SBC12H it is 125 ksi. For rod steel ASTM specifications, see reference above.
  5. A minimum flange thickness of 0.258" is required for the structural steel beam.
ATS-SBC Typical Rod-to-Steel-Beam Installation
Typical Rod-to-Steel-Beam Installation
ATS-SBC Concrete Detail
Concrete Detail
ATS-SBC Steel Beam Detail
Steel Beam Detail

Wood-Beam Plate (WBP)

The WBP wood-beam plate is for projects where the rod run attaches to wood beams. The center hole of the bearing plate has internal threads to receive the threaded rod from above, and the plate spreads the load across the underside of the wood beam. Two SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws (provided with the kit) are to be installed through the WBP fastener holes and into the wood beam to support the weight of the bearing plate and rod above. This eliminates the need for an additional smaller bearing plate and nut on the top side of the beam. This unique connection also provides a fixed point at the very bottom of the rod run, allowing the take-up devices above to address shrinkage of all the wood framing including any from the wood beam itself. The heavy hex nut provided with the WBP is required to fully engage the tensile capacity of the rod above.

Material: ASTM A36
Finish: Gray primer

Wood-Beam Plate
Wood-Beam Plate

Wood-Beam Plate (WBP)

Rod-to-Steel-Beam Connector (SBC)
  1. No further increase in allowable load is permitted. For installation, thread rod through WBP plate, then thread the provided heavy hex nut to the threaded rod. Table loads are based on the rod threading through the plate and attaching to the heavy hex nut with a recommended one thread showing past the heavy hex nut. Heavy hex nut to be snug tight.
  2. SDS screws are needed to fasten the rod and WBP assembly to the wood beam (SDS screws provided).
  3. Center hole is a UNC-2B tapped hole.
  4. In accordance with the 2018 NDS, the following perpendicular to grain design variables were used to calculate allowable bearing loads: DF = 625 psi, SP = 565 psi, HF = 405 psi and SPF = 425 psi.
  5. For structural composite lumber (SCL), manufacturers’ specifications were referenced and a minimum design value adjustment factor (Fc⊥) of 750 psi was used. For Fc⊥ values when specifiying SCL other than this, a linear adjustment may be applied. Designer to account for drilled hole in beam where occurs.
Wood-Beam Plate Detail