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ATS Run Start Details

The Anchor Tiedown System (ATS) is intended to resist the very high demand loads commonly seen in multi-story shear-wall systems. However, the effectiveness of the system is completely lost if the structural element where the run starts cannot fully develop these high loads. As such, one of the first determinations to make when designing the shear-wall system is how much load can be developed at the supporting member. If that member is a thin concrete deck and the ATS run is located near the edge, the calculated code capacity may limit the design, and additional shear walls may need to be added to the system. Similarly, if the run starts at an upper story level, the floor system will need a wood or steel beam to carry the potentially high loads.

Rod Offset Detail
Mid Floor Detail
Wood Beam Detail
Steel Beam Detail
Concrete Detail

Also see Methods for Specifying ATS.