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URS: Method 3 – Design Services from Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie offers complimentary design services for its Strong-Rod™ Uplift Restraint System for Roofs (Strong-Rod URS) to help you meet the rigorous demands of ICC-ES AC391. Designers can leverage our unmatched continuous rod tiedown system expertise and collaborate during the project design phase to identify any potential issues.

When working with Simpson Strong-Tie, Designers not only enjoy the benefits of having the only continuous rod system with an evaluation report (ESR-1161) proven to meet the requirements of ICC-ES AC391, they also receive a full design package of AutoCAD drawings and calculations to add to submittals.

How it Works
  1. Determine the bearing wall layout that will resist the roof uplift loads. Indicate the wind design requirements for the project.
  2. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie Design Services by visiting our Request for Information page. We'll review your submittal and contact you if we have any questions. Within a few days, the Designer will receive a complete Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Rod URS design package to include with your project submittal. The package will include:
    • Preliminary determination of and consultation on wind uplift forces
    • Calculation package for each unique rod run with anchorage solutions
    • Elevation drawings for each unique rod run identifying each component in the run
    • Typical detail sheet showing installation steps
    • General notes to include in the plans
    • Suggested anchorage solutions to aid the Designer in this specification area