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Steel Strong-Wall® Cold-Formed Steel Two-Story Stacked-On Concrete Foundations


A complete stacked-wall solution for two-story applications. Now there is a Steel Strong-Wall option for two-story cold-formed steel installations that combines simplified installation with superior performance.

  • Some of the highest loads in the industry, and design procedures that account for cumulative overturning.
  • Complete concrete anchorage designs for two-story applications (foundation design by designer).
  • No bearing plates to install. Walls can be placed flush against a corner.
  • Same anchor bolt template as single-story installation.
  • Compression loads transferred by nut/rod.

Product Data

TSS - Bottom Wall

Model Width (in) H Range (in) No. Screws in Top of Wall
S/SSW15X 15 80.063 - 121 6
S/SSW18X 18 80.063 - 121 9
S/SSW21X 21 80.063 - 121 12
S/SSW24X 24 80.063 - 121 14
  1. Thickness = 3 1/2" for all models

CFS Two-Story Stacked-Wall Connection Kit

Wall Width (in) Model No. No. Screws in Top of Wall
15 SSW15-2KT (1) Shear-Transfer Plate (with #14 self-drilling screws, included)
(2) 1"x48" Threaded Rods F1554 Grade 36
(6) Heavy Hex Nuts
Installation Instructions
18 SSW16-2KT
21 SSW21-2KT
24 SSW24-2KT
  1. Two heavy hex nuts included with each wall.

Product Information


Vertical Panel - 118 mil (10 ga)


Vertical Panel - Galvanized; Top and Base Plates - Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint (cold galvanizing available, contact Simpson Strong-Tie)

Load Tables and Design Example

See Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Construction catalog

Top Wall Naming Legend


Bottom Wall Naming Legend


Wall Profiles