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Steel Strong-Wall® Balloon Framing on Concrete Foundations

Simpson Strong-Tie offers a complete stacked-wall solution for balloon-framing applications. The Steel Strong-Wall option for heights up to 20' combines simplified installation with superior performance.

  • Some of the highest loads in the industry
  • Same anchor bolt template as single-story installation
  • Complete kit available to simplify the connection between the walls

Material: Vertical Panel—10 gauge
Finish: Vertical Panel—Galvanized Top and Base Plates—Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint

Codes: CC-ES ESR-1679:City of LA Building Code Supplement; State of Florida FL5113

Top Wall

Naming Legend

Bottom Wall

Example Specification

Suggested Example Specification: SSW18x8 over SSW18x10-STK

Balloon Framing Stacked-Wall Product Data — Bottom Walls

Table: Balloon Framing Stacked-Wall Product Data — Bottom Walls
  1. For specific wall combinations provided, see load table. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for additional wall combinations.
  2. See product data on top walls.

Balloon-Framing Wall Connection Kit

Table: Balloon-Framing Wall Connection Kit
  1. Two heavy hex nuts included with each wall.

Wood Block-to-Top Plate Connection

Wood Block-to-Top Plate Connection
  1. Alternate connectors with equivalent shear capacity may be specified by the designer.
Drawing: Stacked-Wall Solution for Balloon Framing
Stacked-Wall Solution for Balloon Framing


  • Do not cut the Steel Strong-Wall or enlarge existing holes, doing so will compromise the performance of the wall.
  • Do not use an impact wrench to tighten nuts on the anchor bolts.
  • Maximum top block height between the Steel Strong-Wall and top plates is 12". See detail 4/SSW3.
  • Full height studs are required for balloon-framed wall installation (by designer). Two 2x6 minimum each side with 0.148" x 3" nails at 16" o.c.
Table: Nail Dimensions
  1. Fasteners: Nail dimensions in the table are listed diameter x length.
Drawings: Intallation
Drawing: Balloon Framing Installation
Balloon Framing Installation
Table: Installation
  1. Allowable shear loads and anchor tension forces are applicable to installation on concrete with minimum f'c = 2,500 psi using the ASD basic (Section 1605.3.1) or the alternative basic (Section 1605.3.2) load combinations. Load values include evaluation of bearing stresses on the foundation and do not require further evaluation by the designer.
  2. For seismic designs based on the 2018 IBC using R = 6.5. For other codes, use the seismic coefficients corresponding to light-frame bearing walls with wood structural panels or sheet steel panels.
  3. Allowable shear, drift, and anchor tension values apply to the nominal wall heights listed and may be linearly interpolated for intermediate heights.
  4. Solid shim blocks (12" maximum) shall be used to attain specified nominal wall height. See detail 4/SSW3 for additional details.
  5. Full-height studs are required for balloon-framed wall installation, which must be designed for out-of-plane loads in accordance with the applicable code. Two 2x6 minimum are required on each side, fastened together with 0.148" x 3" common nails at 16" on center.
  6. Loads are based on a 1,000 lb. maximum axial load acting on the entire panel in combination with the shear load. For shear loads at 2,000 lb. maximum axial load, multiply allowable shears by 0.91 for SSW15x models; no reduction required for other wall models.
  7. High-strength anchor bolts are required for anchor tension forces exceeding the tabulated allowable load for standard-strength bolts. See SSWAB anchor bolt information and anchorage solutions.
  8. Tabulated anchor tension loads assume no resisting axial load. For anchor tension loads at design shear values and including the effect of axial load, refer to the Strong-Wall Shearwall Selector. Drifts at lower design shear may be linearly reduced