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Steel Strong-Wall® First-Story Wood Floor Systems

Steel Strong-Wall shearwalls designed for use on concrete foundations can be used with wood floor systems by extending the anchor bolts and installing compression nuts and solid blocking below the wall.

Material: Vertical Panel—10 gauge
Finish: Vertical Panel—Galvanized Top and Base Plates—Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint

Codes: ICC-ES ESR-1679:
City of LA Building Code Supplement;
State of Florida FL5113

Steel Strong-Wall product data

Wood First-Floor Wall Connection Kit

Table: Wood First-Floor Wall Connection Kit
  1. Two heavy hex nuts included with each wall.
Drawing: First-Story Wood Floor Installation
Table: Loads for Seismic and Wind
  1. Loads are applicable to first-story raised wood floor installations supported on concrete or masonry foundations using the ASD basic (Section 1605.3.1) or the alternative basic (Section 1605.3.2) load combinations. Load values include evaluation of anchor rod compression capacity and do not require further evaluation by the designer.
  2. For seismic designs based on the 2018 IBC using R = 6.5. For other codes, use the seismic coefficients corresponding to light-frame bearing walls with wood structural panels or sheet steel panels.
  3. Minimum standard-strength anchor bolts required. See Steel Strong-Wall Anchorage Solutions.
  4. Tabulated anchor tension loads assume no resisting axial load. Anchor rod tension at design shear load and including the effect of axial load may be determined using the Strong-Wall Shearwall Selector web application or the following equation: T = [(V x h) / B] - P/2 , where:
    T = Anchor rod tension load (lb.)
    V = Design shear load (lb.)
    h = Strong-Wall height (in.)
    P = Applied axial load (lb.)
    B = Anchor bolt centerline dimension (in.) (6 7/8" for SSW12, 9 1/4" for SSW15, 12 1/4" for SSW18, 15 1/4" for SSW21, and 18 1/4" for SSW24)
  5. Allowable shear loads assume a maximum first-floor joist depth of 12". For allowable shear load with joists up to 16" deep, multiply table values by 0.93 for SSW12x models and 0.96 for other SSW widths.
  6. Allowable shear loads are based on 1,000 lb. total uniformly distributed axial load acting on the entire panel in combination with the shear load. For allowable shear loads at 2,000 lb. uniformly distributed axial load, multiply table values by 0.92 for SSW12x models, and 0.96 for other SSW widths.