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Strong-Wall® Shearwalls: General Instructions for the Designer

These general instructions for the designer are provided to ensure proper selection and installation of Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. products and must be followed carefully. These general instructions are in addition to the specific design and installation instructions and notes provided for each particular product, all of which should be consulted prior to and during the design process.

  1. The term “designer” used throughout this catalog is intended to mean a licensed/certified building design professional, a licensed professional engineer, or a licensed architect.
  2. All connected members and related elements shall be designed by the designer.
  3. All installations should be designed only in accordance with the allowable load values set forth in this catalog.
  4. Simpson Strong-Tie® strongly recommends the following addition to construction drawings and specifications: “Simpson Strong-Tie® products are specifically required to meet the structural calculations of the plan. Before substituting another brand, confirm load capacity based on reliable published testing data or calculations. The Engineer/Designer of Record should evaluate and give written approval for substitution prior to installation.”
  5. For cold-formed steel applications, as a minimum all screws must comply with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Standard J78, Steel Self-Drilling/Tapping Screws, and must have a Type II coating in accordance with ASTM B 633, Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel. Screw strength shall be calculated in accordance with AISI S100-16 Section J4, if applicable, or shall be based on the manufacturer’s design capacity determined from testing.
  6. Local and/or regional building codes may require meeting special conditions. Building codes often require special inspection of anchors installed in concrete and masonry. For compliance with these requirements, it is necessary to contact the local and/or regional building authority. Except where mandated by code, Simpson Strong-Tie products do not require special inspection.
  7. For Masterformat® specifications, visit strongtie.com/literature/masterformat.html.