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Strong-Wall® Shearwalls: General Instructions for the Installer

These general instructions for the installer are provided to ensure proper selection and installation of Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. products and must be followed carefully. These general instructions are in addition to the specific installation instructions and notes provided for each particular product, all of which should be consulted prior to and during installation of Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. products.

  1. All specified fasteners must be installed according to the instructions in this catalog. Incorrect fastener quantity, size, placement, type, material, or finish may cause the connection to fail. Prior to using a particular fastener, please consult the Fastener Guide.
    • 16d fasteners are common nails (0.162" dia. x 3 1/2" long) and cannot be replaced with 16d sinkers (0.148" dia. x 3 1⁄4" long) for full load value unless otherwise specified.
    • Unless otherwise noted screws may not be used to replace nails in connectors unless approved and recommended by the Designer/Engineer of Record. Unless stated otherwise, Simpson Strong-Tie® cannot and does not make any representations regarding the suitability of use or load-carrying capacities of connectors with screws replacing nails.
    • When using stainless-steel connectors, use stainless-steel fasteners. When using ZMAX®/HDG galvanized connectors, use fasteners that meet the zinc coating specifications of ASTM A153 or other fasteners allowed in this catalog.
  2. Fill all fastener holes as specified in the installation instructions for that product.
  3. Do not overdrive nails. Overdriven nails reduce shear capacity.
  4. Use the materials specified in the installation instructions. Substitution of or failure to use specified materials may cause the connection to fail.
  5. Do not add fastener holes or otherwise modify Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. products. The performance of modified products may be substantially weakened. Simpson Strong-Tie will not warrant or guarantee the performance of such modified products.
  6. Install products in the position specified in the catalog.
  7. Do not alter installation procedures from those set forth in this catalog.
  8. Bolt holes shall be at least a minimum of 1/32" and no more than a maximum of 1⁄16" larger than the bolt diameter (per the 2018 NDS, Section and AISI S100-16, Table J3-1 if applicable).
  9. Install all specified fasteners before loading the shearwall.
  10. Some hardened fasteners may have premature failure if exposed to moisture. These fasteners are recommended to be used in dry interior applications.
  11. Use proper safety equipment.
  12. Welding galvanized steel may produce harmful fumes; follow proper welding procedures and safety precautions. Welding should be in accordance with A.W.S. (American Welding Society) standards. Unless otherwise noted Simpson Strong-Tie connectors cannot be welded.
  13. Pneumatic or powder-actuated fasteners may deflect and injure the operator or others. Pneumatic nail tools may be used to install connectors, provided the correct quantity and type of nails (length and diameter) are properly installed in the nail holes. Tools with nail hole-locating mechanisms should be used. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate safety equipment. Overdriving nails may reduce allowable loads. Powder-actuated fasteners should not be used to install connectors, unless noted otherwise.
  14. For cold-formed steel applications, all screws shall be installed in accordance with the screw manufacturer’s recommendations. All screws shall penetrate and protrude through the joined materials a minimum of 3 full exposed threads per AISI Standard for Cold Formed Steel Framing — General Provisions, Section D1.3, if applicable.
  15. Nuts shall be installed such that the end of the threaded rod or bolt is at least flush with the top of the nut.
  16. To achieve tabulated values for embedded concrete/masonry products, full consolidation of concrete or grout is required.
  17. Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products generates wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information on Proposition 65, visit oehha.ca.gov.
  18. For additional installation information, visit the Simpson Strong-Tie page at youtube.com/strongtie.