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Steel Strong-Wall® Shearwalls: Installation of Balloon Framing on Concrete Foundations

  • Do not cut the Steel Strong-Wall® or enlarge existing holes, doing so will compromise the performance of the wall.
  • Do not use an impact wrench to tighten nuts on the anchor bolts.
  • Maximum top block height between the Steel Strong-Wall and top plates is 12". See detail 4/SSW3.
  • Full height studs are required for balloon-framed wall installation (by Designer). Two 2x6 minimum each side with 10d nails at 16" o.c.

Installation Video


Balloon Framing Wall Connection Kit:

  1. Two heavy hex nuts included with each wall.

Wood Block to Top Plate Connection:

  1. Alternate connectors with equivalent shear capacity may be specified by the Designer.

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