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Steel Strong-Wall® Structural Details

Technical and Installation Notes

For DWG and DXF files: also download the pen setting attachment for these details (CTB format, 5k).

SSW1 — Anchorage Solutions / Engineered Designs

Anchorage and installation details for various foundation conditions and Codes.

SSW1.1 — Alternate Anchorage Details / Engineered Designs

Anchor reinforcement solutions and installation details for grade beams.

SSW2 — Framing Details / Engineered Designs

Framing details for walls on concrete, first floor and second floor conditions.

SSW3 — Balloon Framing Details / Engineered Designs

Balloon framing details for walls.

SSW4 — Portal System Framing Details / Engineered Designs

Garage Portal framing details for SSW with Portal Kit (SSWP-KT).