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FRCM Applications

Significant flexural, axial or shear strength gains can be realized with an easy-to-apply composite that does not add significant weight or mass to the structure. FRCM provides a low-impact, low-weight alternative to traditional concrete strengthening and retrofit methods. Many times, it is the most economical strengthening solution available, given its reduced preparation installation time.

  • Projects that also require a surface repair and leveling in addition to strengthening
  • Projects with large, overhead, and vertical surface areas where higher production rates are possible with shotcrete material
  • Repair applications that cannot afford significant member enlargement
  • Composite strengthening applications that require an increased level of abrasion and fire resistance


  • Tunnels, pipes and mines
  • Tanks, silos and chimneys
  • Parking garages
  • Bridges, piers and wharfs
  • Commercial and industrial buildings

Seismic Retrofit

  • Shear strengthening
  • Displacement/ductility
  • Life safety

Load Rating Upgrade

  • Increased live loads
  • Accommodating new equipment
  • Change of use

Damage Repair

  • Deterioration/corrosion
  • Blast/vehicle impact

Defect Remediation

  • Size/layout errors
  • Low concrete strengths

Blast Mitigation

  • Progressive collapse

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Tanks and silos
Parking structures
Bridges, piers and wharfs