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FRP Advantages

The primary benefit of FRP systems versus traditional retrofit methods is that significant flexural, axial or shear strength gains can be realized with an easy-to-apply composite that does not add significant weight or mass to the structure.

Steel plate bonding, concrete section enlargement and steel jacketing have been the renovation methods of choice for decades, yet corrosion, bond degradation and installation difficulty are consistent challenges to overcome, and the resultant retrofit generally adds weight, reduces usable space, clearance, or both.

In many cases, FRP is the most economical choice given the reduced preparation and labor costs. FRP can usually be installed without taking the structure out of service.

  • Economically increase capacity without significant weight or mass
  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Lightweight and user-friendly installation
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low aesthetic impact
  • Compatible with many finishes and protective coatings
FRP Installation

Why Simpson Strong-Tie?

Simpson Strong-Tie Composite Strengthening Systems™ are designed, tested and manufactured to offer high-performance solutions and lasting results.

A trusted manufacturer of the most comprehensive product lines for the infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential construction markets, we continue to expand our offerings to provide innovative and practical strengthening solutions designed to your individual project specifications.

We are continually developing new products and expanding our qualified contractor network to provide best-in-class service, jobsite support and technical expertise. Our team of 60 licensed professional engineers, 14 licensed field engineers and 41 technical representatives are only a phone call away to provide local, onsite support for the entire duration of your repair project.

  • Complete Composite Strengthening Systems product solutions including code-listed carbon and e-glass fabrics, North America’s only code-listed pre-cured laminates, epoxy paste and filler, epoxy primer and saturants, FRP anchors and performance coatings
  • In-house engineering providing sealed drawings for all 50 states and Canada
  • Local contractor training and field support

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To learn more about what FRP is and whether it’s a suitable solution for your structure’s condition, contact us or call 800-999-5099 to speak with a local specialist.

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