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Fiber Reinforced Polymer Engineering Design

FRP and FRCM Design Services for Engineers and Designers

Specifying Simpson Strong-Tie Composite Strengthening Systems™ is unlike choosing any other product we offer. Leverage our expertise to help with your FRP strengthening designs. Our experienced technical representatives and licensed professional engineers provide design services and field support — serving as your partner during the entire project cycle. Since no two structures are alike, each project is optimally designed to the Designer’s individual specifications. Our pledge is to address your specific condition with a complete strengthening plan tailored to your needs, minimizing downtime or loss of use, at the lowest possible installed cost.

Simpson Strong-Tie FRP Design Services

Your Partner during the Project Design Phase

Whether it’s during the initial evaluation or the preparation of the construction documents, Simpson Strong-Tie can help you create the most cost-effective solution. Each unique plan includes detailed design calculations for all strengthening requirements and design drawings with all the necessary details to install the CSS system.

Why Use Our Design Services?

  • Assess feasibility studies to ensure suitable solutions to your application
  • Receive customized FRP strengthening solutions
  • Work with our trained contractor partners to provide rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) budget estimating
  • Collaborate during the project design phase
  • Receive a full set of stamped drawings and calculations to add to your submittal
  • Maintain the flexibility to provide the most cost-effective solution for your project
  • Gain trusted technical expertise in critical FRP design considerations

No-Cost, No-Obligation Consultation

Our team will design a solution to include the most cost-effective CSS products and return installation drawings and calculations to you. The design calculations, drawings, notes and specifications prepared by Simpson Strong-Tie Engineering Services can then be incorporated into the design documents that the Designer will be submitting to the building official.

Download Design Questionnaire

The Engineering Package Includes:

  • Specifications prepared for your unique project requirements Calculations for each unique element
  • Elevation drawings for each element and component
  • Typical detail sheet showing installation details
  • General notes to include in the plans
  • Detailed proposal documentation, including drawings
  • Calculations provided for Engineer of Record reference during submittal review
  • Sealed drawings for all 50 states and throughout Canada
FRP Design Engineering Services Package