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Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Structures

Composite Strengthening Systems™ can be used to increase the strength of slabs, slab openings, beams, walls, new wall openings, columns, silos, chimneys, piles and pier caps. FRP can be applied to strengthen reinforced concrete and pre-stressed/post-tensioned concrete, steel, masonry and timber.

The diagram below shows six unique ways that FRP can be applied within a structure. The seventh item is a protective coating that will provide long term protection.

Note the extremely low spatial impact. If this was a parking garage, no spaces would be lost. If this was a warehouse, no storage space would be compromised.

In areas where people are working, FRP reinforcement can be performed with little to no disruption. Traditional strengthening methods may require temporary relocation of entire teams of people.

Tight spaces do not present nearly the challenge for FRP as they can for traditional reinforcement methods.

System Solutions for Reinforcement
Type Slab Beam Wall Column/Pile
Externally Applied Laminates Flexural/Collector Flexural/Collector Tensile/Flexural Flexural
Near-Surface Mounted Laminates Flexural/Collector Flexural/Collector Tensile/Flexural Flexural
Fabrics Flexural/Collector Shear/Flexural/Collector Shear/Flexural/Tensile Shear/Flexural/Confinement
Solutions for Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Structures
  1. Slab — Adds collector reinforcement, negative and positive moment flexural capacity
  2. Slab opening — Trim reinforcement
  3. Beam — Laminates or fabrics for flexure and/or collector reinforcement, fabrics for shear stirrup reinforcement and potential use of FRP anchors (shown in orange for contrast)
  4. Wall — Stiffening, flexural, shear or tensile reinforcement
  1. New wall opening — Trim reinforcement
  2. Column wrapping — Full column wrap to achieve required strengthening, possibly with additional near-surface mounted laminates or fabric for flexure; effective solution for under-reinforced column ties
  3. Protective coating — High-performance protection against exposure, corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion, fire resistance and other environmental factors
With FRP reinforcement, building and structure owners can get all the benefits of traditional strengthening methods without the economic drawbacks of personnel disruption and decreased rentable space.

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