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FX-70® Structural Piling Repair and Protection System

Attack of structures at the waterline is commonplace in marine environments. Tidal action, river current, salt water exposure, chemical intrusion, floating debris, marine borers, electrolysis and general weathering are all examples of factors affecting the lifecycle of structures in marine environments addressed by the FX-70 Structural Repair and Protection System.

FX-70 In-Water Piling Repair Advantages

  • Repair damage in-place, no need to dewater or take structure out of service
  • High-strength materials bond well to various substrate materials
  • Corrosion-free system prevents deterioration, weathering and erosion
  • Accommodates piles of various shape and size
  • System is low-maintenance following repair
  • Safe for use in marine-life habitats
  • Manufactured in the U.S.

For more of an introduction and overview of the FX-70 Structural Piling Repair and Protection System, including case studies, see flier F-R-FX7019.

FX-70 Structural Piling Repair and Protection System
F-R-FX7019 — FX-70 Structural Pile Repair and Protection System for Timber, Concrete and Steel Structures

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We recognize that specifying Simpson Strong-Tie FX-70 Structural In-Water Pile Repair and Protection Systems is unlike choosing any other product we offer. Our experienced technical representatives and licensed professional engineers provide complementary design services and support for the entire repair cycle — serving as your partner in meeting the ongoing repair, protection and strengthening needs of your project. Our pledge is to address your specific condition with a complete repair plan tailored to your needs, minimizing downtime or loss of use, at the lowest possible installed cost.

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System Components

FX-70 Fiberglass Jacket

Each FX-70 high-strength fiberglass interlocking jacket is custom-made to the precise specifications of the repair project. Hand-made and assembled in the U.S., the FX-70 tongue-and-groove seamed jacket provides a corrosion-resistant protective shell and is available in round, square, H-pile and octagonal shapes. Panels and custom shapes are also available for additional applications such as pile foundations and seawalls.

FX-70 Fiberglass Jacket Technical Data Sheet

High-Strength Grouting Materials

FX-70-6MP™ Multi-Purpose Marine Epoxy Grout and FX-225 Non-Shrink Non-Metallic Underwater Grout are both high-strength, water-insensitive repair compounds. FX-70-6 MP provides excellent bond to concrete, steel, wood and other common building materials. These products displace existing water and can easily be placed into the FX-70 jacket without the costly building of cofferdams or dewatering of the repair site. FX-70-6 MP is ideal for repairs to structures with less than 25% section loss, and is commonly combined with FX-225 to reduce material cost on large jobs or to repair structures with greater than 25% section loss.

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for FX-70 Structural Repair and Protection System

FX-70 Structural Repair and Protection System Installation Guide
T-R-FX70INST18 — FX-70 Structural Repair and Protection System Installation Guide

Installation Instructions for FX-70 Pumping Port

Installation Instructions for FX-70 Pumping Port
T-R-PORTINSTL17 — Installation Instructions for FX-70 Pumping Port