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General Principles

Repair, protection and strengthening of concrete and masonry is a complex procedure that presents unique challenges on every jobsite. Following the four-step process of assessment, planning, preparation and execution increases the likelihood of an efficient, successful repair.

1. Assessment

Before initiating any RPS plan, it is imperative to conduct a thorough evaluation of the substrate or structureto be repaired. Many factors can contribute to the deterioration of concrete and masonry structures, including poor worksmanship or design, cracking, embedded-metal corrosion, delaminations and others. Properly assessing the deterioration and its cause should involve a qualified engineer who can determine if the design capacity of the structure has been impacted and what implications it may have on the repair strategy. Additional factors to consider are access to the repair site, time to complete the repair, impact on operations, budget and others. A thorough assessment of all factors will help develop the best repair strategy for the building owner.


2. Planning

Because each jobsite presents a unique challenge, your local Simpson Strong-Tie representative is available to help you evaluate the condition and develop a customized product selection and repair plan based upon:

  • Type of failure
  • Physical access considerations
  • Downtime or in-service
  • time requirements
  • Budget
  • Site considerations
Note: Execution of the following steps will increase the likelihood of a successful and lasting repair.

3. Preparation

The success of any repair program depends heavily on proper preparation of the site to be repaired. Factors to consider include:

  • Implementing a safety program
  • Limiting access to the site
  • Demolition and removal of damaged building components or systems
  • Surface preparation of substrate
  • Proper staging and storage of repair materials
  • Proper mixing of the selected repair materials

4. Execution

A well-executed plan, implemented by well-qualified contractors trained in the application of the products being used will result in a successful repair. Simpson Strong-Tie offers workshop and on-site training and support by field representatives with decades of field experience. To contact your local representative for more information, call (800) 999-5099.