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Quik Drive® BSD200G2 Structural Steel-Decking Attachment 

Quik Drive® BSD200G2 Structural Steel-Decking Attachment

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The Quik Drive BSD200G2 attachment is designed for structural steel-decking applications. It is the perfect choice for fastening wide-valley nestable steel deck to structural steel members where the maximum load values of the Strong-Drive® XL Large-Head Metal screw are required.

Key Features

  • Innovative Precision Placement™ nosepiece allows for easy location of the holes in standing seam metal roofing clips
  • Safely and efficiently performs steel deck fastening and stitching
  • Collated fastener strips virtually eliminate fastener waste and prevent damage to roof panels from dropped fasteners
  • Patented belt collation enables auto-feed fastening of screws (U.S. Patent 6,783,001)
  • Profile guide on nosepiece ensures uniform screw placement
  • The extension enables standup fastening
  • Depth control prevents over-driving
  • Designed to eliminate skipped screws, reducing screw waste (patent pending)
Model No. Option Packaging Qty.
QDBSD200G2 Attachment only 1


  • Steel decking and stitching; fastening for cold-formed steel; wide-valley nestable deck to structural steel members

Limited Warranty

  • Limited lifetime warranty on attachment and extension, 1-year limited warranty on screw-driver motors (see specific manufacturer's warranty for more information)
Model Number Description
BPHXLBBGP516G2 Mandrel with 5/16" lobular hex-head bit
BITHEXLB516LG Driver bit, lobular, hex head, 5/16"
QDEXTG2-16 Extension, 16" (short), G2 series

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