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MMHC™ Hinged Roof Connector

The innovative MMHC hinged roof connector makes it easy to build a stick-frame roof in the factory that can fold flat during shipping. This connector has been tested and load rated in multiple directions. It can be installed on one or both sides of the roof rafter assembly.

Key Features

  • Innovative hinge rotates easily from open position to folded.
  • The offset nail pattern allows for installation on both sides.
  • Connector tabs make it intuitive to position before nailing.
  • Nails in place for easy installation. No bolts required.
    (No measuring or predrilling saves installers time.)


  • 18 gauge


  • Galvanized


  1. Arrange members in installed position
  2. Open connector to same position
  3. Place on wood members using tabs as a guide
  4. Install with specified nails
  5. Adjust members for shipping purposes, then reopen at jobsite
  • MMHC does not replace the need for solid blocking
  • Minimum 2x6 roof rafter and ceiling joist; minimum 2x4 knee wall stud

Patent Information

  • US Patent 11,131,088

Related Literature

Load Tables

Allowable Loads for Kneewall Application

Allowable Loads for Kneewall Application
MMHC Installed at Knee Wall
MMHC Installed at Knee Wall

Allowable Loads for Single-Ply Rafter to Ceiling Joist

Allowable Loads for Single-Ply Rafter to Ceiling Joist
  1. All installations assume at minimum a single-ply 2x member.
  2. Double-ply applications with two-sided installation will achieve twice the published load for the one-sided installation.
  3. Linear interpolation of the loads is allowed for roof pitches between 3:12 and 12:12.
MMHC Installed at Heel
MMHC Installed at Heel

Code Reports & Compliance