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GA Gusset Angle

The GA angle is a small, versatile angle designed to improve corner stability. The engineered and tested gusset in the angle increases strength for lateral and uplift loads. The GA installs easily with nails, or for increased loads, with Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws.

Key Features

  • Small flanges allow for installation on narrow face of 2x member


  • 18 gauge


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes

Related Literature

Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Ga. L (in.) Coating/Material Packaging Qty.
GA1 18 2 3/4 Zinc Galvanized, G90 1
GA2 18 3 1/4 Zinc Galvanized, G90 1

Load Tables

Load Values with Nails

    Many of these products are approved for installation with Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws.

L/LS/GA Reinforcing and Skewable Angles Load Table
  1. GA angles may be installed with 0.148” x 3” nails.
  2. GA1 uplift is 425 lb. for DF and 300 lb. for SPF when installed with Strong-Drive SD Connector screws.
  3. GA2 uplift is 370 lb. for DF and 260 lb. for SPF when installed with Strong-Drive SD Connector screws.
  4. Connectors are required on both sides to achieve F2 loads in both directions.
  5. Fasteners: Nail dimensions in the table are listed diameter by length. SD screws are Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive SD Connector screws. For additional information, see Fastener Types and Sizes Specified for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors.
  6. Using Strong-Drive SD Connector screw (SD9112) for 0.148” x 1 1/2” and 0.148” x 3" nails will get the same load as nails.

Load Values with Strong-Drive SD Connector Screws

Model No. Fasteners DF/SP Allowable Loads SPF/HF Allowable Loads
Floor (100) Snow (115) Roof (125) (160) Floor (100) Snow(115) Roof (125) (160)
  1. F1 Direction.
  2. F2 Direction.
GA11 4-SD9112 340 375 375 375 225 260 280 325
GA12 4-SD9112 340 395 430 435 225 260 280 360
GA21 6-SD9112 515 590 640 695 335 385 420 600
GA22 6-SD9112 515 590 640 820 335 385 420 540

Code Reports & Compliance