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THA Adjustable Truss Hanger Installation Guide

THA Product Image

Nailer Condition

The THA series have extra long straps that can be field-formed to give height adjustability and top-flange hanger convenience. THA hangers can be installed as top-flange or face-mount hangers.





16d Nail

16d (0.162" x 3 1/2") Nail



THA Nailer Installation, Step 1

Straighten the double shear nailing tabs and install nails straight into the joist.

Enderece las pestañas de clavado de doble penetración e instale los clavos rectos en la viga.

Nail Location
Ubicación de Los Clavos
4x Nailer
Listón Clavador 4x
Top / Encima 4-16d
Face / Cara 4-16d
Carried Member
Miembro soportado
Fill all holes with 16d
Llene todos los orificios con clavos 16d