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RTA Rigid Tie® Angle


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The RTA is designed to connect two wood members at a 90° angle. This rigid tie angle fastens the members on two sides, eliminating the need for angle bracing. Manufactured to high-quality standards to ensure solid performance, this rigid tie connector features a galvanized finish for added corrosion resistance.

Key Features

  • Ideal for gates, fences or any project where a 90° connection is needed
  • Fastens with Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® SD screws (not included)
  • Provides a strong 90° connection without 45° cuts or angled fastening


  • RTA2Z — 16 gauge; all others — 18 gauge


  • Galvanized or ZMAX® coating; see Corrosion Information


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • Install vertical members first, then attach horizontal members for easier alignment
  • To aid positioning and prevent skewing, seat wood member in bracket with a C-clamp before securing

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Post/Joist Size Ga. Coating/Material Packaging Qty.
RTA1 1x1 or larger post and joist 18 Zinc Galvanized, G90 1
RTA12 1x2 or larger post and joist 18 Zinc Galvanized, G90 1
RTA12Z 1x2 or larger post and joist 18 ZMAX® 1
RTA2Z 2x post; 2x joist 16 ZMAX® 1
RTA4 4x post; 4x joist 18 Zinc Galvanized, G90 1

Load Tables

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection. Additional products on this page may also be available with this option, check with Simpson Strong-Tie for details.

    Many of these products are approved for installation with Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws.

More Table Options
Model No. Post Size Joist Size Fasteners (Total) (in.) Allowable Loads (DF/SP)
Post Joist Floor (100) Roof (125)
  1. Allowable loads must be equally distributed on both joists.
  2. Fasteners: Nail dimensions in the table are diameter by length. SD and SDS screws are Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® screws. For additional information, see Fastener Types and Sizes Specified for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors.
RTA12 1x 1x (4) #8 x 3/4 (4) #8 x 3/4 N/A N/A
RTA12Z 1x 1x (4) #8 x 3/4 (4) #8 x 3/4 N/A N/A
RTA2Z 2x 2x (4) #9 x 1 1/2 SD (4) #9 x 1 1/2 SD 150 150
RTA4 4x 4x (7) #8 x 1 1/4 SD (5)#8 x 1 1/4 SD N/A N/A

Code Reports & Compliance