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TSBR Truss Spacer Restraint


Roof Truss and Rafter Connectors, Ties, and Straps

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The TSBR captures the on-center spacing of CFS truss chords and webs and laterally restrains the truss members, allowing quicker, easier and safer installations. The tubular shape provides strength in both compression and tension.

Key Features

  • Enables the quick and accurate spacing of trusses without measuring or adjusting
  • Helps meet prescriptive temporary bracing recommendations of the BCSI
  • Easily "grabs" onto the truss — may be put in place with one hand
  • Stays in place during sheathing, saving time and making the roof more stable for workers
  • The TSBR is a direct replacement for the TSB truss spacer bracer


  • 22 ga. (27 mil)


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes

Related Literature

Load Tables

Load Table - TSBR Truss Spacer Restraint
  1. Designer shall ensure attached members are adequately designed to resist applied loads.
  2. Length, L, equals the effective out-to-out dimension of the braced trusses.
  3. See more information on Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners.

Code Reports

Part IAPMO UES ER ICC-ES ESR City of Los Angeles State of Florida
TSBRSee specific model numbers for code listings.
TSBR2-24 ESR-2605 ESR-2523 FL10861

ESR-2523 is an Index of many of Simpson Strong-Tie Stamped and Welded Cold-formed Steel Products for Wood or Cold-formed Steel Construction


Part Orthographic Perspective
S/TSRNone None
S/TSR1.5-24None None
S/TSR1.5-24TNone None
S/TSR1.62-24None None
TSBRNone None
TSBR2-24None None