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Adhesive Shear Tubes 

Adhesive Shear Tubes

Used in conjunction with anchoring adhesive and screen tubes, adhesive shear tubes transfer anchor shear loads over a larger area, reducing localized crushing in unreinforced masonry installations. Required for through-bolt applications per ICC-ES’s unreinforced masonry anchorage “Configuration C” detail. For detailed installation instructions, refer to the appropriate adhesive anchor ICC-ES report.





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Product Information Tables

Adhesive Shear Tubes
Description (in.) Model No. For use with Simpson Screen Model No.1 Drill Bit Dia. (in.) Threaded Rod Diameter (in.) Carton Qty.
13/16 x 8 AST800 ETS758, ATS758 1 5/8 1
  1. Screens sold separately. Not for use with Simpson Strong-Tie screen ETS758P or ATS758P plastic Opti-Mesh screen tubes.